Waking Up To The Farce

You can do it! You really can.

We have been taught the definition of strong, repeatedly by people who have no clue how to be strong themselves. What we have is a number of people who have become very skilled (too skilled in fact) in the act of covering up their weaknesses. And this in itself is tough. After all, it is with some strength (real or perceived) that one is able to mask one’s fear in the face of one’s demon. This alone qualifies them to teach us strength, to teach our children tenacity.

It is not entirely these individuals’ faults that they do not know the difference between being strong and being skilled at concealing weakness (even if this is still a quite knotty pine in itself), and this is in no way a backlash aimed at ‘them’ for trying to do what is perceived as right, or as the case may be, make a living; I just have an issue thinking about what happens when it all comes out, when people begin to see things for what they are. I shudder to think about the effects on the loyalists and adherents. It is in situations like this, that cynicism becomes the order of the day, while some folks just go on believing that there’s no such thing as what they had been sold all along.

And so I have often wondered if it isn’t our undoing as a people that we do not question this travesty; that we are a bunch of people totally sold out to consumption; that we do not probe further as long as a system seems to work pretty fine; that we do not like to be told something we have come to know as standard needs an upgrade, or sometimes, a total overhaul.

We would rather stick to familiar paths that do not do much for us.

I have been disposed to ask the voices in my head these questions - Do we contribute to this sham of an arrangement just by being in the knowledge? Is it in our best interest that we leave things as they are? Can we even do this? What are the possible dangers of trying to change the structure and does it pose a greater danger doing so.

It’s got me wondering if we can deal with the many upshots of disrupting this convenient arrangement. As it is very convenient. Very.

What is to be missed if we rid ourselves of these self-serving individuals who sell us dreams they are yet to see themselves? What really?

I am a big advocate of healing for a great number of reasons. However, I also know that the process is oftentimes not charted and can hardly be replicated by another, it then becomes important that we take time to heal (genuinely) if we seek to educate others on how to do the same. It becomes important that we ensure that that which we are giving out to the world isn’t skin-deep; to really understand that we are as responsible for our words and actions because there are other lives whose struggles are hinged on our own projected triumphs.

This is in no way meant to pressure anyone or make anyone feel inadequate (no), it is to help us all understand the magnanimity of our actions/inactions, and of course to foster accountability.

Photo Credit: Medium