Preparing for the Five Boro Bike Tour

This Sunday, I will take part in the annual TD Five Boro Bike Tour. It’s one of the coolest rides offered by Bike NYC. The ride is not difficult (it’s only 41 miles) but it’s fun since you get to ride the five boroughs of NYC car-free. One of my favorite experiences of the ride is riding on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and across the Verrazano bridge.

To prepare for the ride, I have to first pick up my bib and packet tonight at the Bike Expo in Basketball city. This place is amazing and has a lot of vendors that will educate you, help you and sell you on the importance of the right gear to wear, the right food to eat, and the right machine to ride. You can easily blow lots of money on gear and other stuff here. It’s the biker’s toys r us.

Last year was my first year participating in the ride, and it was… interesting. The ride itself is wonderful, but the weather did not cooperate. It was a chilly rainy and windy ride. Though I managed to complete the ride, it was a real mess. This year, it almost looked like we would get the same weather but as of now, it seems to be holding up a bit.

I’ll take partly cloudy!

Now that the weather is out of the way, this is how I prepare:


Pants: I will wear my wickable Adidas pants for my lower half. They fit snug around the legs to avoid any fabric on the bike gears. I will wear my padded inner shorts that can provide some cushion between my crotch and seat. #LoveYourCrotch

Shirt(s): For my top half, I will wear an UnderArmour long sleeve wickable shirt with a bike jersey on top. This should keep me dry from sweat and provide a bit of warmth. I will top it off with a wickable light Nike vest to provide an extra layer of warmth just in case.

Hands: I just purchased a pair of gel-padded cut-off gloves that fit and feel great. I don’t expect my hands to be cold, so this should provide enough comfort.

Head: A helmet, of course, and maybe my Oakley riding glasses. It will be clouded, but they provide more than just coverage from the sun. I’ll keep them on the helmet until I need them, if at all.


I have to make sure my gear is prepared for this ride. So here’s what I’m bringing along

GPS Computer: I have a Polar bike computer that comes with a heart-rate monitor. This will be charged and ready to record my route and miles.

GoPro: Just got the Session and will be using it with a chest harness. I’m a noob, so we will see what I can do for making a cool video of the ride.

iPhone 7: I go nowhere without this thing. One needs to stay connected and available for emergencies.

Apple Watch: I go nowhere without this either. Need to know time and fill those rings, which shouldn’t be a problem with the ride.

Beats X: You are not supposed to wear headphones of any sort, but I’ll keep them around my neck just in case I need to take/make a quick call or if I need to GPS my way somewhere (ice cream?)

It’s a day ride and I will not be taking any lights. I get rid of a few ounces. :)


I will make sure my bike is ready for this ride by making sure my tires are inflated to the proper PSI, my chain and components will be lubed the day before and my rear saddle bag will have (2) tubes and tools needed in case I get a flat. Looking forward to this amazing ride, I’m ready!!! #BikeNYC

Map of ride: