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Image for post is a new cryptocurrency promising strong privacy.

Beam is a new crypto-currency which aims for strong privacy and scalability. It uses the “MimbleWimble” approach, which you can learn more about here. The Beam Mainnet launched today, so if you are interested in mining it, here are some short instructions on how to do so on Digital Ocean

Warning: CPU mining BEAM is pretty much useless due to GPU mining, so you are highly unlikely to earn any beam; running a full node helps keep the network strong, so it doesn’t hurt either way!

Set up a Server

Setup a new Node on Digital Ocean running 18.04. Note, I found that 1GB was not even enough for 1 Mining thread. If you really want to CPU mine, you will need at least 2gb. …

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Bittrex vs Binance vs Kyber vs Faast

Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran cryptocurrency investor, it happens all the time: just when you think your portfolio is perfect, an amazing project you’ve never heard of catches your eye, and you know you’ve got to get some fast. Unfortunately, the coins you’re willing to trade for it might not be so easy to trade with.

Let’s say we want to trade $100 worth of Aragon (ANT) for Aeternity (AE).

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First time I read about Bitcoin

Today is a rather special day for me. It’s been 8 years since I learned about Bitcoin. I first read about the project while wasting time on slashdot, and stumbling upon this article:

Back then I was a (literally )broke student, getting ready to go to grad-school to study Nanotechnology. I couldn’t afford to buy many bitcoins, so I did what many did: tried my best to mine them. Who would have thought about the wild ride this one article would take me. Since then, I quit my job, started a Bitcoin company, and now have worked on four products built using this remarkable technology (Bitaccess BTM, Catena, faast, and BuyBitcoinCanada). …

Cryptocurrency prices have been a roller coaster ride for the past 6 months. The price of Bitcoin has seen highs of over $20,000 followed by lows near $6,000. This wild market has affected other cryptocurrencies as well, most prominently Ripples XRP. XRP has seen a meteoric rise in price of over 30,000% to $3.80 (as of January 5th 2018). Investors should be extremely prudent as hype cycles have at times taken over rational investing decisions. …

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Image for post portfolio: the fastest and safest way to manage a cryptocurrency portfolio

Bitaccess started its journey with cyptocurrency in 2013. Back then, things were different. We were just playing with “magic internet money”, and trying to stay relevant. Boy have things changed.

Over the years, the team at Bitaccess has grown, and so have our own holdings of different cryptocurrencies. When we first got into this space, there were only a dozen different currencies to keep track of. Now there are more than 1000.

If you have ever tried to manage multiple wallets, you know its a pain. It involves lots of different file formats, QR codes, accounts, exchanges, and mistakes. …

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Brave software now has access to over $72,900,500 in capital for their basic attention token. Investors made 600% in 6 days.

On May 31st 2017 the team behind the Brave browser launched a new digital currency, named the “Basic Attention Token”, or BAT. This was after an announcement made at Token summit on May 25th 2017. The team launched this new digital currency through what is commonly referred to as an “Initial Coin Offering”, or ICO.

By most measures, their ICO was a wild success. The team set out to raise a maximum of 156,250 ETH (ethers), worth approximately $36,000,000 USD at the time. …

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Bitaccess will be presenting at the 2017 Financial Cryptography Conference

The 2017 Financial Cryptography conference is set to begin next week, on April 3rd. I am proud to have Shayan Eskandari, a Bitaccess engineer presenting the first peer-reviewed paper of a Decentralized Derivative market.

The Financial cryptography conference has been a great event to outline advances in security and technology in the financial industry for many years. This year, the organizers took the great initiative to schedule a “Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts”. There has been lots of industry talk and hype surrounding smart contracts. I am glad to see that there is a growing community of engineers and specialists sharing their experience in this field to date.

Join us for our presentation on Friday, April 7th.

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We are proud to announce that Deloitte’s dedicated blockchain technology offering, Rubix by Deloitte, has installed a Bitaccess BTM at their downtown Toronto office. The BTM is centrally located in Toronto’s Financial District at the intersection of Yonge and Adelaide and enables customers to instantly buy or sell bitcoins.

The BTM is publicly accessible, located in the second floor lobby at 22 Adelaide St. W. Please note that there is currently a maximum transaction limit of $100 CAD per person per day at this location. When selling bitcoin, save time by using Bitaccess Cash.

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Check out for more locations

Rubix by Deloitte Team

The Rubix by Deloitte team has been a leader in bringing blockchain technology to a wider audience. …

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Most people think bitcoin is anonymous. In fact, new technologies trace BTC transactions, attempting to identify bitcoin users.

A number of startups have raised money to explore these new possibilities, such as:

Given these are private services, an explanation is needed.

What Exactly Are These Companies Doing?

Most of them are offering a service called clusterization.


To keep it simple: It means monitoring all transactions on the blockchain. Clusterization is grouping transactions together. The goal is to keep tabs on organizations, companies and people using cryptocurrencies.

Why Would Anyone Want That?

Knowing the source and destination of funds is necessary to fulfill a number regulatory requirements. This is required for any service engaged in money transmission. …


Moe Adham

Engineer, Skier, YC Founder. Working on @bitaccess.

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