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Beam.mw is a new cryptocurrency promising strong privacy.

Beam is a new crypto-currency which aims for strong privacy and scalability. It uses the “MimbleWimble” approach, which you can learn more about here. The Beam Mainnet launched today, so if you are interested in mining it, here are some short instructions on how to do so on Digital Ocean

Warning: CPU mining BEAM is pretty much useless due to GPU mining, so you are highly unlikely to earn any beam; running a full node helps keep the network strong, so it doesn’t hurt either way!

Set up a Server

Setup a new Node on Digital Ocean running 18.04. Note, I found that 1GB was not even enough for 1 Mining thread. If you really want to CPU mine, you will need at least 2gb. …

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Bittrex vs Binance vs Kyber vs Faast

Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran cryptocurrency investor, it happens all the time: just when you think your portfolio is perfect, an amazing project you’ve never heard of catches your eye, and you know you’ve got to get some fast. Unfortunately, the coins you’re willing to trade for it might not be so easy to trade with.

Let’s say we want to trade $100 worth of Aragon (ANT) for Aeternity (AE).

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First time I read about Bitcoin

Today is a rather special day for me. It’s been 8 years since I learned about Bitcoin. I first read about the project while wasting time on slashdot, and stumbling upon this article:

Back then I was a (literally )broke student, getting ready to go to grad-school to study Nanotechnology. I couldn’t afford to buy many bitcoins, so I did what many did: tried my best to mine them. Who would have thought about the wild ride this one article would take me. …


Moe Adham

Engineer, Skier, YC Founder. Working on @bitaccess.

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