Image and video processing for your static site
Sawyer Hollenshead

A super solid overview Sawyer, never know about Elastic Transcoder.

For client projects, we’ve done a bit of research into the best affordable solution for image processing and for the most part we land on imgix (as opposed to a custom Lambda workflow or Cloudinary). Pricing-wise it’s the same costs as using cloudfront with the added benefit of processing on the fly. Plus if our infrastructure needs ever change, it’s a single query parameter input, and we’re back up and running.

However in the past we’ve used Transloadit to handle our video needs. Their pricing tiers map well to smaller projects while maintaining the robustness necessary to serve video at a large-ish scale. One caveat is that we created an internal video → gif converter so “videos” autoplay on mobile (example).

All this rambling is to say, appreciate you guys sharing your static site infrastructure and we’re definitely gonna test out Elastic Transcoder soon!

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