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The option I am chossing is #1(College, Self, and Community). Within this option I am choosing option #2. I am choosing this option because I personally believe it is important to reflect on your life often and keep track of the progress you have made throughout the year. When over viewing your progress it is important to compare it with other peoples who are of different socio-culturals to see what similarities and differences you have. I would like to gather information for my story through observing and interviewing people of a different backgrounds. This will be important in order to reflect on my first year experience and see how I have changed throughout it. Some of my intial research questions are “How are you growing as a person during your first year of college?”, “What have you done to adapt to the many changes that you have experienced so far?”, “ What types of things interest you?”, “As a woman, how are you going to get engaged on campus compared to other woman?”. While looking back on my first few weeks on campus I have already got involved as a woman. A week ago today I recieved a bid from Alpha Omicron Pi. The link I am attaching is a video I watched this summer. This video got me so excited for recruitment and raised my hopes of joining a sorority someday. After having a few social gatherings with my sorority it has allowed me to meet so many genuine woman. Anyone who has ever been interested in joining or sorority or not should check out this video to see what Alpha Omicron is all about. Getting involved in the first few weeks of campus has already improved my first year experience.

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