Post #3

After creating the “I am from” poem it made me think about all the things that give me my unique identity. It felt good to write the poem because it allowed me to write about things that idenitfy my past and hopefully remain the same for the future. It was easy to write the poem because the questions that it asked helped guide me to write about a variety of things from family to the types of food I eat. It provoked a happy emotion while I was writing it because it left me reminiscing about the past and allowed me to think about all the things that make me the person that I am today. A memory that this poem triggered was a saying that my dad would always say to me before I went to bed. Where we are from influences who we are because depending on the location that you are from makes you different than others due to many factors. The differences may be the language that you speak, the type of food you eat regularly, the landscape that surrounds you, the religion that you praise, and much more. Identity is affected when you move from one place to another because you will most likely be different than the people that are around you everyday especially if the place you are moving to is very far from your original place. Some things that may stay the same is your social class but one thing that might differ is the color of your skin you have compared to others. The value of knowing and reflecting on where you are from or how you identify is important because it allows you to be yourself and realize all of the things that make you a unique individual because no one is ever going to have the same exact identity as you. My attitudes and thoughts about my identity have changed due to my college experiences and especially the readings and videos from CLA 1005. I have changed in a way that has made me look deeper into all the things that have made me the person that I am and to not be afraid to embrace things that I think are important to my identity for example being a female. I am truly happy about and proud of my idenity even though it may be very different from others. Completeing this exercise will support my Final Digital Story becasue in my digital story I plan to talk about my identity and where I am from and this reflection has allowed me to express my ideas that I want to use.

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