Post #4

Some topics that I plan to cover in my digital story are how I have changed and adapted throughout my first semester at college, state the differences and similarties that I have with someone of a different socioeconomic background than me, and share some personal experiences that I have gone through this semester that makes me unique. I plan to explore and find quotes that suit me and put them into my digital story. I am going to interview the girl that lives across the hall from me because she is from a different socioecomic background. I am going to ask her many questions while I interview her to find out some similarities and differences that we have. I am excited to do this because it will give me a better understadning of what people go through of different socioeconomic backgrounds. I am going to ask “What has your experience been like so far”, “Have you had to make any changes to how much money you are spending due to the high cost of higher education?”, “Has it been hard to be financially stable so far?”. I have not found any data points so far that is related to my topic but I plan to further investigate in the weeks to come to find out information that is related to my story and add that information into it so that people learn about it. In the beginning of my story I plan to talk about my experience so far and some challenges that I have had. I plan to talk about the sorority I am in. I want to talk about the friendships I have made so far and the oppurtunities that the sorority has allowed me to complete. I then plan to add a clip of the interview that I do. I hope to recieve enough information that will allow me to compare my socioecomoic status with the girl that I interview. After the interview I plan to talk a little bit more about how I have adapted to school and the changes that I have had to make. My digital story will be a good reflection of my first semester at college. I plan to put music and voice overs to make the story flow. I will use I-Movie to create this story. The pictures posted below will be incorporated into my digital story becasue they give me my identity today and are some of the events that I have experienced so far this semester. I plan to add more photos than just the ones posted below.

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