Product Meetings - How to Make the Most Out of It?

Collaborative, Informative, and Entertaining!

The three mantras to conduct successful product meetings. Agree?

Conducting a Successful Virtual Product Meeting

Operating remotely disconnects you socially from the people you are working with. That makes the product meetings or meetings, in general, a starting point to connect with one another.

Think about it. You are working on a project that your manager had assigned, but how do you proceed and get updates if you are not aware of the recent progress. It is crucial to remain updated with the ongoing process of product development to avoid mistakes that can disrupt the flow.

The only solution is to reach out to people personally or have a group discussion to remain in the ongoing loop of the process. Thus, these product meetings are helpful and offer a way to understand the product with clear insight.

That gives product meetings huge importance, especially, in remote working environments.

Professional -Virtual Meeting with Product Team

Collaboration And Work

Product meetings include voices from different departments including, developers, analysts, designers, QA, etc. The team members work differently depending on the tasks given but together to develop the product as a whole. So, the structure and methodology you follow will impact the release of the product.

In a socially inactive environment, you must keep refining the meetings and find ways to make the meetings more impactful. As a professional meeting, you can try to create an environment for a very healthy and light discussion.

For example, having healthy communication will keep you motivated professionally and help build a strong relationship with colleagues. In such an environment, you will have multiple viewpoints that offer you a holistic approach to solving user problems.

How do We conduct Product Meetings at MoEVing?

Create A Plan

We have a designated time allocated for the product meeting, twice a week. The meeting’s agenda is to discuss the priority tasks to be completed and issues that need immediate or long-term solutions.

That’s the basic explanation of what the product meeting is about. But, it goes beyond that and results in an open-ended discussion on how we can make the product more accessible to our target users.

We review the expected outcomes of the feature and consider the resources along with the product roadmap to measure the actionable success.

So, a product meeting works best when all the team members are aware of the topics and agenda to be discussed. When you set up clear expectations, the team can provide you with the results you expect.

Have a Virtual Interaction with all the team members

The product meetings offer us a chance to meet with all team members. I highly doubt that every team member had a chance to speak with one another casually during office hours every day.

While working, you might have to connect with other colleagues, but how would you maintain a connection or interact without communicating. So, we can have a 1:1 session with each team member to understand their personalities and viewpoints.

Even in 1:1 sessions, you cannot convey your suggestions and opinions to everyone, but product meetings allow you to participate in the discussion. Maybe your opinion becomes useful for the whole team and solves the crucial problem.

Open for Creativity

When great minds come together, great things happen, and this is the time when creativity flows!

The team members who are not involved in the discussion can sometimes bring great and innovative ideas to the table when given a chance. For instance, you are discussing how a feature isn’t helpful for the users and why it is creating issues rather than solving them. Others can brainstorm and come up with a solution that can solve both problems.

As the product manager, it is important to disclose any upcoming and ongoing projects so that the product team is updated with the recent works in the company. This results in team members feeling valued, motivated, and inspired.

We are passionate about what we are building that might lead to differences in perspectives. Instead of solving each issue immediately, welcome all the different perspectives and try to mediate a middle ground. Strategic thinking allows others the opportunity to contribute and space to shine.

Every Talking point have an Action Plan

Building a cool product depends on how successful product meetings can be conducted with well-defined roles and responsibilities.

At MoEVing, our Product Manager make notes of priority tasks and assign them to the respective team member. To keep a track of all the tasks, the list is posted on the common team communication channel where each team member will know what tasks are assigned to them to get started.

This is what MoEVing does, but if you want to leave a mark in your product meeting as we do, we have some great tips for you to follow.

Tips to follow from MoEVing:

Take notes from MoEVing
  • Come prepared to the meeting

Joining a meeting without being prepared is like preparing for the wrong exam as you will not know the agenda?

Take out 10 minutes before the meeting to prepare and note down the points you would like to talk about in the meeting. These include the questions you want to ask, queries you want to clear and the updates you want to provide in the meeting.

It will help you have a clear picture and purpose in your mind that you can discuss with your colleagues.

  • Make sure the product priorities are aligned

What happens if the product priorities are not aligned with the executive priorities? The result will slow down the app adoption process due to a lack of prioritization and alignment. The solution is to make a priority list and follow it religiously.

Another point to note is to customize the product meetings. Each team members working style and approach is different. So, we should conduct meetings for the benefit of each team member for a seamless workflow. You can customize it and bring new agendas to develop a smooth and workable product for the users.

  • Explaining the intricacy of features to everyone

Not everyone may be familiar with the technical terminology or the idea behind the feature. The product manager or the developers can help define what that term means or why that particular feature is crucial for every team member to understand.

It makes each of them feel inspired to participate and contribute their innovative ideas. Also, this leads to open-ended questions and communications.

Now, the product meeting has ended and we get back to our work.

Wait a minute!

Do you think this is all we do at the Product Meeting? Where is the entertainment that we mentioned in the three mantras?

Let’s Skip to the Fun Part

It’s time for some fun time with colleagues.

We attend a number of meetings in a day. Don’t we all deserve a break and have some gupshups?

It’s a secret revealing time! Sorry, Product Manager but we do have a small fun session after our product meetings. (Hope it continues even after this blog is published)

Yes, it is our after-product-meeting!!

Initially, the after-product meetings were meant to discuss the tasks assigned during the product meetings. As we had few team members, so we used to discuss among ourselves and kept it as a short discussion. But, now our team has expanded and more people have joined us, it become more of a fun-cum-work discussion meeting.

If we were working in the office, we would be working and collaborating more often.

Collaboration plays a huge role in team-building. When you work together, it offers opportunities to listen and understand others’ perspectives that help enrich your own understanding of a particular topic. That’s not entirely possible in a virtual setup.

So, it is important to indulge in team-building activities while working virtually. But, team building goes beyond work limits, and it also involves getting to know one another. So, we decided to have a small fun session with the team. The after-product-meetings offer a time to relax and have a fun chat with one another. We talk about work and non-work-related things to have a hearty laugh before we begin our work.

The best part is even if we are virtual colleagues, we share a bond that makes us converse and express everything candidly.

And that’s the beauty of our team; we share, we laugh, and we enjoy working together.

To make a tech company successful and reach its goal, product meetings play an integral role. So, we try to optimize our time to build a better product for our users.

Besides, what are product meetings without some fun? We all need a friendly conversation where we can talk about our daily life comfortably with our colleagues. So, we believe in building great products along with building great professional and personal relationships.

Do you want to be a part of our professional and exceptionally fun team? Apply now!



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