I have been having long days

of work.

Today, I’m on my 14th hour and I feel like I have to talk to someone about how today has been going, but I figured it would bore Kaycee, and besides her, I am still embarrassed to bother anyone with my dear diary entries so I am writing instead.

I woke up at 9am, record-breaking for the past weeks. Started doing emails, some start-of-the-day readables and of course, social media. At 10am, the girls arrived. We had a day of doing QC, labeling and packing new items. I was so excited since we are preparing for a bazaar starting tomorrow. First time that we are gonna have all stocks ready. Fast forward to 7PM, I discovered that…the delivery was incomplete, sizes were broken and some items were for repair. Great. But anyway, better than not having any of the maxi dresses at all right? Pretty much, we have been OC-ing preparing for this event, where, please please God, help us reach our target.

I also rant three errands in Taytay. One highlight would be talking to the Chinese owner of a big fabric store. She gave me a lengthy discussion about the business of fabric, and even gave tips how to shop. She also pressured me to buy thousands of kilos of fabrics. Umm, ma'am?! No wonder Chinese people are good salespeople. This woman was highly confident about items, and was almost closing deals “ilan sako kukunin mo? 20–40? Kaya mo yan. Kung hindi, naku mahina ka lang pala.” Walangya sya! HAHA I was almost peer pressured into it, luckily, I left without committing to anything. Now that I have been far from her essence, I am thinking straighter. Ma’am, mahina nga po siguro ako. But this is better than putting all our funds on fabric. Then I went shopping for fabrics for some customised items, I am making items for Bebeng and Sab. I’m excited for Ate to finish these! I have also lined up my pieces for Davao next week. If, and when, I decide to go to Brendon’s wedding, I’ll use a nice pink printed skirt. I am excited! I am also excited for all the items Ate will be making. Downside today, Ate Nora has not been picking up my calls! Grr. Right after that, I went to meet my new Ate, I turned over some items for our new items. God, I pray she gets to produce them for summer! And may I not be too embarrassed to peer pressure her. This is my problem! I am too kind!!! I need the aggressiveness and lack of emotions of Chinese people when negotiating deals. But then again, I do not want to get things done fast then be seen by these people as “malakas mang-pressure.” But duh, this is how we become productive right? Oh, I remember the fabric store owner teaching me about Chinese horoscope. “Do not start the year on sale, malas, eh di buong taon na mababa bent mo?” I couldn’t help thinking, how lucky naman she can afford to rely on some spirits and horoscope for the profit of her business. Swelte.

After Taytay, I went home (already stinking cos I did not shower before doing all these errands and I walked under the afternoon sun). Work continued and continued. I cannot believe that I cannot even go out and hang out for dinner. Work continued til 11PM.

WHAT!! I couldn’t help thinking, am I making a wise choice pursuing a retail business??! But Portia’s voice plays in my head, “sa simula lang yan, lahat ng nitty gritty and small details kinakapa mo pa and ikaw pa.”

What I need to figure out now is, how long is this “si simula” season.

Anyway, we got so much to be thankful for! Work is a blessing. It helps your mind, soul, hear and spirit grow. As you grow through work, you glorify God. Eyes on the Lord. My life is in You

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