Believe, Know,Doubt Racism !!

I believe that America is a very racist country and it has a lot of work to do to secure its people

I believe this because I have seen many situations were people are still treated with disrespect and hatred because of there skin color.I believe that there has been major change yet at the same time there hasn’t been any change.For example if you take the time to go out and educate yourself, you will learn that many things in this country is swept under the rug.With that America still has a lot of work to do to have people feel like they are equal and safe and understood here.

I Know that there is many things hidden from the people

I know that here in the united states there are so much lies that are told to the people.That there are many cases where things are switched up to protect the wrongdoers.Yet this is hidden from us because they know its wrong yet the still go forward with it.For examples like many cases in police brutality can relate to this.

Doubt:I doubt that there is no hope for this country

There has been many times where I have doubted if change will every come to this country.As a black muslim women I am in the center of most of the oppression.There has been so many times where I have encountered ignorant people being racist towards me.Yet in this point in my life it such a normal aspect to have people come up to me and be racist.This is where my doubt comes in to play.Doubt comes to be when people start losing hope in certain situations and many people who are out here that are protesting are mentally and physically exhausted because it is something that takes up so much time.Where in this case we are putting are all to fight for our rights yet we still aren’t seeing change.