Today in theory of Knowledge on Friday, Feb. 18th, I listened to a podcast called forgiveness

The main aspect of this podcast was a story about a girl who had gone through a lot in life.The issue that she had went through was rape at the age 13.This lead to her going through many problems as she grew older for example one of them was a eating disorder that she had.This story leads up to opening up the whole look of forgiveness and how people look at it.They talked about the importance of forgiveness in religion and how it is such a huge spiritual aspect. Forgiveness is pain that motivates you to let go and in a way start fresh.It dose not happen overnight and it takes time.Forgiveness is something that we take as something that is little when that is not the true case.One main thing that makes this easier because it really isn’t it is understanding.Forgiveness is something that is a very difficult and a very important thing that we need to understand because that is life.

In this report the reporter has a good amount of interviews with people.It really sets the mood.It gives us a understanding on how a good amount of people take the idea of forgiveness in a very different way.We see the outlook in how it had changed people because t is a big step to just have a good and happy relationship with yourself.