Flat CMS Blogging Platform (self hosted) in 2014

Kind of static web page (Flat CMS)

We all know that in the last year attended a blogging platform that is quite phenomenal, via a kickstarter Ghost became really famous, but whether it is really a blogging platform? simple to write, consuming very little power, easy in its use and can be opened in a variety of devices.

Ghost requires node.js and just work on vps, if I want to try it at least I should know about the configuration of a vps and is it easy enough for blogging?

Exactly two months ago, more precisely I call him a “friend” with name Danang Probo Sayekti, a developer, web designer, a web devil, create a blog he called “HTMLy” Flat CMS, running in the system even in a small shared hosting using PHP base, no database, and markdown.

In the early development, this Flat CMS does not have admin panel and within a few weeks all of the features that available on a CMS is already owned.

No database, admin panel (responsive) that running on anything devices, markdown editor, category tag, archive, using Disqus comments system, and clean markup, for me — HTMLy become a true blogging platform that have beatiful feature, version 1.0 released at 1 February 2014.

Here is list of feature of version 1.0 released :

  • Admin panel
  • Markdown editor with live preview
  • Categorization with tags (multi tags support)
  • Static pages Eg. for contact page
  • Meta canonical, description, and rich snippets for SEO
  • Pagination
  • Author page
  • Multi author support
  • Social links
  • Disqus Commenting System
  • Google Analytics
  • Built-in search
  • Related posts
  • Per post navigation (previous and next post)
  • Body class for easy theming
  • Breadcrumb
  • Archive page (by year, year-month, or year-month-day)
  • OPML
  • RSS Feed
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Archive and tag cloud widget
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Teaser thumbnail for images and Youtube videos
  • Responsive design

Here is few screenshot :

Login Admin Panel
Dashboard Admin panel
Adding Post
Edit Post
Static Page (like: Contact/About)
Edit Profile Page
You can edit via link on post if you login.
Did you need more perfect Flat CMS Blogging Platform in 2014 ?

HTMLy Flat CMS is an open source project, many more features will come, if you are interested in adding new features please fork on github page here https://github.com/danpros/htmly

I am Indonesian, and I am very proud about this project was made by an Indonesian.