March of 2018, I joined a product company as a UX Designer whose responsibility was to conduct research and design interactions.

Coming from a service company where ‘user research’ was only done if the client wanted to, which is never, I realised I had never done any actual research! This made me nervous/twitchy, hell I thought they hired the wrong person for the job.

To all those who feel like an imposter, know that like you, everyone around is figuring out stuff too.

More than a hundred phone interviews, a UX Case Study and a product launch later, this is…

Ask any seller on the Instamojo platform what a “Smart Link” is; they won’t be able to describe it. But ask them how they collect payments on Instamojo and they will tell you about what we, at Instamojo, call “Smart Links.”

What is Instamojo?

Instamojo is an online platform that allows anyone on the internet to collect payments with a simple, shareable link. Sellers collect payments by sending a “Payment Link” to their customers.

Instamojo also offers a free Online Store to sell products and offers simple payment API integrations for sellers with a website.

What are Payment Links?

Sellers can create Payment Links from the dashboard…

Mohamed Ansari

I solve payments and e-commerce problems faced by small and medium scale businesses at Instamojo.

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