Ramadan 2016 TV Series Exclusive Facebook Data and more…

It is only a few days ahead where all Muslims will enjoy the celebration of the start of Ramadan 2017. Ramadan has always been known to be a great month for marketers and TV producers to invest in because of the higher show rates. With the huge investment made by all brands and the little time viewers have, selecting what to watch and on what to spend the few time allocated for TV is a hideous task. Therefore, we at Crowd Analyzer, have analyzed in 2016 the most likely to succeed series which were a SPOT ON!

Ramadan 2016 was very busy with so many series. We have monitored and analyzed 29 series as follow:

  • Abu Elbanat
  • Afrah Elqoba
  • Alkeef
  • Alkhanka
  • AlOstora
  • Altabal
  • Azmet Nasab
  • Banat Superman
  • Elkhorog
  • Elmizan
  • Elmoghny
  • Fouk Mostawa ElShobohat
  • Grand Hotel
  • Heba Rgl Elghorab
  • Hya We Davinci
  • Kelmt Ser
  • Layali Elhilmya
  • Maamoun Wa Shorakaoh
  • Nelly and Sherihan
  • Ras AlGhoul
  • Sabaa Arwah
  • Sad Rad
  • Seqot Hor
  • Shahadet Milad
  • The Ceasar
  • Waad
  • Wanoos
  • Youmeyat Zoga Mafrosa
  • Younes Weld Fadda

In this article, we can finally share with everyone Ramadan 2016 data and we happily welcome any suggestions for series or shows that you would like us to monitor in Ramadan 2017.

First things first, which TV series gained the top activities by male and female? When we first predict this, no one believed it. The one who stole the hearts of more than 762K unique Facebook authors was Mohamed Ramadan and his series AlOstora. Here are the top 5 series in terms of unique authors participating.

Top 5 Series in Terms of Unique Authors

Almost 45% of Facebook users who engaged with topics about TV series have at least posted or engaged once with AlOstora which is quite extraordinary! We see from data that the following three TV series Younes Weld Fadda, Grand Hotel, and The Caesar were leveled almost equally by Facebook users. What about the least engaging TV series? Unfortunately, not as many fans as expected, Latifa and her TV series Kelmt Ser was the least engaged with TV series on Facebook. The chart below shows the bottom TV series.

Bottom 5 Series in Terms of Unique Authors

Male VS. Female

While AlOstora remained the most engaging TV series in last Ramadan for both genders, the following series varied a lot.

Top 5 Series in Terms of Unique Authors per Gender

While male and female Facebook users were more to interact with AlOstora than any other TV series, engagement was more driven by male than female. The order of top TV series engaged with changed and you can see this clearly in Grand Hotel TV series. Only ~3% of the male population interacting with TV series engaged with Grand Hotel posts while ~12.5% of the female population did which shows the gender differences which will reflect on all marketers who are promoting gender sensitive products using TV advertisements.

Age Groups

What about age? Were there any differences in online interactions with TV series between a teenager, working people, or senior citizens? Frankly, no. There were no surprises when it comes to age groups engaging with TV series. The age groups sorted from most engaging authors to least engaging are as follow:

  1. 18–24 years old.
  2. 25–34 years old.
  3. 35–44 years old.
  4. 45–54 years old.
  5. 55–64 years old.
  6. 65+years old.
Top 5 Series in Terms of Unique Authors Engaging per Age

Comparing the youngest and oldest you can see clearly the similarities and differences. AlOstora was the most engaging TV series in the two polar Age groups. However, you can see senior citizens engaged more with TV series that have senior actors as well like Wanoos for Yahya ELfhkarani and Maamoun Wa Shorakaoh for Adel Emam.


Some TV series just were on FIRE! having followers and viewers worldwide. On the other hand, some TV series did not get that popularity. Below are the bottom 5 series in terms of Facebook users participating from different countries:

  1. Altabal: Was only engaged with from Egypt Facebook users.
  2. Kelmet Ser: Egypt and Tunisia.
  3. Shahadet Milad: Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  4. Sabaa Arwah: Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab of Emirates.
  5. Youmeyat Zoga Mafrosa: Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The chart below is for the most popular TV series having Facebook users engaging with its posts worldwide. AlOstora again was playing in a different league with users from 36 different countries engaging with its content. On the 5th place came 3 TV series equally Waad, Afrah Elqoba, and Wanoos having engagers from 16 different countries.

Top Series in Terms of Unique Authors Engaging per Different Countries

Ramadan 2016 was indeed full of surprises and comebacks for many celebrities. We hope, God willing, that Ramadan 2017 will be a success to you, your loved ones, and everyone around the globe. Praise yourselves for Ramadan 2017 TV series. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this and we wish you the best. If you want to know in-depth details about the performance of the coming TV series on Social Media or suggest a TV series or a show for us to monitor, please feel free to join our mail list or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.