Before you freelance , You should

Freelancing is a way of earning money without working under any recognized organization/company/industry.

Out of all freelancers, some chose to do freelancing, others do freelancing out of no choice, when their skills are not recognized or not given opportunity by any companies.

Nowadays, most of the developers are looking for freelance or part time job and the first question come to their mind is,

How I can calculate my hourly rate as a software freelancer with XXX years of experience ?

What’s your annual salary as a developer? Take that number and divide it by 2000. That’s your minimum hourly rate. For example, let’s say you find a job in your city that requires six years experience and pays $100k. Your baseline hourly rate should be $50/hr.

Note: that’s just a baseline. If you’re a good freelancer, your rate can be way, way higher

But note that being an independent worker requires a ton of organization and responsibility. Now that you’re on your own, you have your own business to run, with a ton of clients, expectations and work (the good kind!). There are so many advantages to being a freelancer in that you now have the freedom to choose the work you want to do, and are in complete control of your work and time. It’s exciting and freeing. And now we have the second question

What are the tools & applications i need to start my freelance life ?

But to become super successful, you need to learn how to manage and operate your business. A tool like AND CO is perfect for this: AND CO — Invoicing, Time Tracking & Payments. Try it FREE!

With this app, you can create contracts for your clients, track your time, expenses, and stay on top of your invoices all in one easy to use platform. It solves so many problems you didn’t even know you had and makes your life 100x easier for you. By spending less time on these menial tasks, you spend more time on your work, aka exactly what you wanted when you decided to go freelance.

  • You need a way to find freelance programming jobs. I recommend Code For Cash ( (
  • You need an invoicing system
  • You need a way to track your time ( , the one i use)
  • You need a portfolio page (included with Code For Cash)
  • You need an accountant to help you write off all your business expenses and save money on taxes
  • You need a legal agreement to use with your clients (included with Code For Cash)
  • Project Management Tools ( (

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