How to become a millionaire !

When I was on my 18 or 17 years old my google history was fulled with one search word “How to become a millionaire” I was thinking that persons who are now millionaire are supernatural people. they didn’t educate my education , they aren’t eat my food , they didn’t have a very hard days in their life and they born and become millionaire. I think 80% of non millionaires people searches also and the other 20% are not using the internet but they read books , we have in Egypt some books that you can be a millionaire in just 30 days it was a joke to me but I can’t lie it was a main factor that I can make one million in few days.

One day I thought that I should search about how millionaires become that! Are they become that in a small time! are they worked or get that by luck ! are they more intelligent than me! are they intelligent !! are they working for company or someone! are they have experience in their field! are millionaire people should be millionaire with money only! what is the behavior I should do to be millionaire ! should I be very polite! should I know every thing! should I love the work I do ! should I work or wait for the luck! and many other questions that I asked myself and google. I will answer that later.

In my lovely country Egypt we have the oldest and biggest pyramids in the era it is more than 7000 years old I wish that for you too ;) . Pharaoh who build these pyramids was not have technology, google or equipment to build these huge buildings. Scientists from all of the world till now with their equipment can’t know the main gate of khofo pyramid which is the biggest pyramid in the world it built in 20 years. The only thing that was pharaoh own was his passion I think this is the main factor of building that huge building. you can come and see this beautiful building but when you come call me please ;).

The pyramids of Egypt

Return back to our lovely content How to become a millionaire, I have a friend was very hopeless “I am unsuccessful person , I can’t learn , I don’t love my education” He is learning business information technology in CIC where is place everyone here loves to learn in but he failed in over 20 subjects. WHY!! because he isn’t have a passion to study in this interesting field. Wait please He isn’t unsuccessful person as you thought he now have one of the biggest films channel on youtube he one year ago was don’t know how to edit a video the only thing that he has is Passion. owner the website you are reading now my article was not know how to program , how to code or any thing even that he is a writer he now owns he has Passion.

If we left ourselves to examples this article will consists of infinity of words but for your time let’s discuss what I am talking about. I am talking about passion . When I searched about the question who I asked you in the start of this article I found that every millionaire have his passion he loves his work at most, he is not employee, He owns the company, he educated the same education you got , he eat your eat , he sleep and wake up morning and become a hunter in his work , he don’t let anyone to get out him from his dream , he protect his passion.

Everyone of us now should have a blank paper not a blank page in word or facebook. it should be a Blank paper and ask him self these questions and answer it , let’s go? 
1- What is my work ? 
2- Do I love my work? 
3- What did I study in university 
4- Do my study is the thing I work ? 
5- Do I work the thing I love ? 
6- Do I work the thing I dream ? 
7- Is my work is my passion ? 
8- what is my passion ? 
9- What did I do get my passion done ? 
10- What is my plan in the next future to see my passion in life ? 
11- Who I am in next 5 years

please answer this questions and wait the next article :) 
thank you for reading this long article waiting for your review :)