Donald Trump vs Planet Earth
Nafeez Ahmed

I also agree that its an excellent piece, but also that the Nazi stuff should be toned down.

This paragraph;

“ Trump wants to slash taxes for the rich, cozy up with dictators like Putin, support state-sponsors of ISIS like Erdogan, and launch a full-scale planetary war on the environmental basis of human survival by burning the world’s remaining oil, gas and coal.”

is problematic for a couple reasons.

Firstly, cutting taxes for the rich isnt unique, and Obama Admin is probably the weakest on prosecuting Wall Street on record. Obama Admin also cozy’ied up to Erdogan, but the implication from the paragraph is that Trump’s policy would be different from the last 8 years by cozyin up to the NATO member.

Finally, calling Putin a dictator — whatever I personaly may think of him — will alienate many people. Not least of all because it isnt quite accurate. He may be a war criminal and much more, but that is hardly new for U.S. to have relations with such people, given they are also much more, and vauge Putin baiting is unhelpful, especially when the alternative has been pushing a New Cold War with the nuclear powered Russia.

The fact is that past administrations as you have written about, have staunchly supported Wahhabist Saudi militarism, Zionist expansionism, militant far-right Islam, violent and non violent expansion of NATO, etc, etc.

So, IMHO its best not to exceptionalise the Trump team. Where they are similar to what has already been, make that clear, and where they are more extreme make that clear, any silver linings like with an improved Russia relationship, make that clear as well.

The U.S. having a positive relationship with Russia could be positive, if it holds its less likely to result in further sponsorship of jihadists in Syria and less likely to result in nuclear war.

That is definately not lost on a lot of people, Trump supporters and detractors alike. I would hate for you to lose readers by not bieng more nuanced here.