Don’t throw sand over my eyes. On the burkini ban and European cruelty
Flavia Dzodan

Why are the French lovers of fashion and well known for a favourable multicultural attitude are dead against the burkini.
 A Sikh professor tweeted a comparison of the banned burkini with the utterly accepted wet-suit..

“If you agree, we must enact a #BurkiniBan to keep us safe, than you’ll agree that wetsuits definitely #MustBeBanned” Simran Jeet Singh@SikhPro

Human rights activist Ken Roth posted a picture of nuns frolicking in the surf in their habits ( traditional nuns dress) and wondered if they too, would be banned.
 Why do the French hate the Muslim women’s attire? Can not they agree to disagree on the cultural diversity of immigrants?

Why do the French expect immigrants to abandon cultural symbols of difference? —

The nuns are white French women so their habits(covering) are OK but burkinis are something to do with Islam and so NOT OK?

French politicians security argument is completely bogus. This is 100% about electoral politics, an incomprehensible nonsense

This is taking blaming the victim to new lengths.

The Paris Mayor initially said he did not mean to ban “the veil, the kippa or the cross.” 
He said that other than the burkini, the only swim garb that might prompt an arrest was an Indian sari, because it could interfere with a life-guard’s rescue efforts!

Let him go to Varanasi (in India) where he can see hundreds of women bathing, and indeed modestly changing their saris, without any apparent risk of drowning.

Intelligent people wonder what he would do if someone complained that a topless bathing suit was not reflective of “good morals.”

P.A.Mohamed Ameen

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