An Average Life!!

I am in my mid 20’s.I would like to describe myself as young(w.r.t year of birth),energetic(that I wish too),beautiful(a myth),intelligent(the truth only I know or believe to know) and happy(I believe I am).Yeah that’s me.

Half way through the 20’s,when I look back to see my accomplishments, I only find an Engineering degree added to my name. And it burnt my 18 happy years. I was roasted and fried between home-works, preparatory-tests, quarterly, half-yearly and annual exams for 14 years and then assignments, laboratory’s, workshops, semesters, assignments and then assignments etc etc for the next 4 years to finally the end of something which in no way helpful and wont be helpful to the rest of my life .

A job in MNC, an average salary, working on stuffs that don’t interest me.

I believe I am capable of doing something great but I don’t know what it is and where to start with.

I wish I did know my passion. I have always heard the successful people and their speeches. The one thing they consistently insist is to follow your passion. I badly wish I knew.

I look upon my colleagues and friends for the happy life they lead and for everything they have that I don’t.

I look forward to build an empire of wealth and fame. But I don’t know the way to it.

Well if you think these somehow relates to you, congratulations-Feel good you aren’t the only one like this, almost all of us travel on the same boat. And don’t worry we aren’t sinking, we are just doing fine ☺

You have known a lot of me now. Heard of an ‘average’ person’s grumbling over his average life. So is that it ? An ‘average’ life ??

Anyways that’s not me ,its most of you, most of us. We are not really happy about the past and neither our present which directly influences our future.We are always running behind the one little extra thing we don’t have.We always are on the go, running behind money, power, fame, success, love, peace, happiness and many more. Are we at one point satisfied of having or getting everything talked above. The truth is A BIG NO. How simple it is to accept that and life is just not another race that we compete and stay ahead. But a journey not to a single destination rather beyond to infinity.

HELL NOOOO!!! I know this, I have heard it from many people, read through many self-help books and heard great leaders and spiritual people talk of the same thing-If that’s what you are thinking ,you are absolutely correct and I haven’t said anything new that you haven’t known,but there is a difference, they preached/talked about it or you have heard it from successful people but here I am an average and yet to be successful person talking to you about the same thing.

I have spoken of an engineering degree that I got of 18 years of hardships. With those hardships came beautiful lessons, great friends, an open mind and a brave heart. It instilled in me the values that helps me grow. It taught me that quality is not a standard but a virtue.

This average earning job taught me that this is not a destination. It is the start of a journey to something big and something great. It helped me find my interests. It embedded in me hope, patience and courage, moreover it taught me to give something back to the society that helped me grow so much. Spoken all these, there are few things that I want badly in my life like any of you.

I crave for happiness, but I know that happiness lies in the small things that I do ,like getting drenched in rain, ice-cream, coffee, exploring an unknown place, road trips, talking to strangers, reading, learning and finally being around friends and family.

I crave for love, but I know love comes back as much as I give.

I crave for money, but I know that acquiring knowledge will earn me enough money.

I crave for fame, but I know that’s not eternal and it passes on along the days and years.

I crave for peace, but I know that running behind something will not help me to be peaceful.

I crave for success, but I know deep down that I am on the right path and with patience and time I will be successful.

Finally, the last words. The famous, influential, successful people who had ever lived on this earth don’t claim they had done everything they wanted and that they are the most happiest person in life. They have a lot of things to regret. They look down to the majority of us (so called unsuccessful people) and envy that we are blessed with that ‘something’ they don’t have. This quench for ‘something’ is a journey on a never ending road. Let’s stop running behind it,chasing it.HELP yourself to find you,trust you and love you for the tiny little mess you are.Let’s build up qualities to exist together,build relationships,love each other and have compassion to other human beings and animals.Its more important to leave this world a safe and better place to live for our next generations to come.Basically,live and let live . It never matters how long we live, it is very important that we live as long as we are ALIVE !!!!!