The Medical, Humanitarian and Environmental Group launches the second edition of the National Health Week

The service providers in the national health sector with a place for exchanges and the general public with a platform to promote responsiveness to the various health problems are the main objectives of the second edition of National Health Week, which will start on March 6 up to March 12, 2017.

The organizer of the event which is the Medical, Humanitarian and Environmental Cooperative aim to bring together the health professionals from all fields of specialization around a common platform, and to undertake conversations that are relative to science, solidarity and practices on the various issues related to the daily exercise of their profession and the health of the population.

Starting this April, the Medical, Humanitarian and Environmental Cooperative will organize training for associations in the field of health and the environment. This action aims to prompt and educate the civil society of the role of the environment in wellbeing and health protection. It must be noted that during the launching of the first National Health Week in Casablanca by the Collectif de médecins from 20th to 26th of March 2016, the event has aimed, among other things, to raise the general public’s awareness with regard to the various health problems, to organize campaigns, and offer free check-ups and medical consultations.

The first edition of National Health Week in Casablanca mobilized an important medical corps for humanitarian, awareness-raising and training activities. According to the report, the results of the first edition are very positive at several levels. The event has made possible to gather a diversified audience which includes young people, women, educators in an exciting, interactive meetings.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Executive President and Founder of Sahara Spirit Foundation in Morocco, good health is one of the most desirable gifts that we can have. If we have knowledge about the different health problems and its causes and cures, we can easily take action before the condition gets worse. The event is very timely and education as the Kingdom is also strengthening the healthcare sectors.

The National Health Week in Casablanca pushes the possibility of bringing the community and the healthcare providers to a common space for the discussion of the issues and information expedient for the progression of the sector, for the benefit of the patients and the peoples.

A group of healthcare experts, specialists, humanitarian associations and other national partners working in the health sector believe in the different projects and programs proposed by the cooperative concerning the role of the healthcare professional in the everyday life of the Moroccan population. The cooperative has designed a work plan that includes, among other things, a motivated training program for health professionals and associations, both in the medical and environmental fields. Numerous large-scale projects are also being prepared.

There are several activities scheduled for this second edition of the National Health Week. One of the flagship features of this national week is the awareness campaign aimed to better inform the sector professionals and populations and raising awareness on various health problems such as chronic diseases, back pain, drug addiction, the health of women and children and domestic accidents. It is about breaking free from misinformation, ignorance of certain facts, stigmatization, and negligence that facilitate the progression of certain diseases. Additionally, the cooperative has planned a series of solidarity actions wich came about through several humanitarian actions, including multidisciplinary caravans for the benefit of poor citizens.

The Africa Global Health Forum is also on the program this week. It has organized approximately more than 25 scientific conferences and thematic workshops, particularly the “Medical Expo 2017”, which is an exhibition highlighting the progress of the technological aspects of medicine.