KrackAttacks so what?

In the wake of KrackAttacks (Key Reinstallation Attacks), there is been much fear, panic and confusions already on twitter: #KRACKAttacks

This post is not about the how, scope, where it cuts or bleeds, etc, go to:

Here are 2 things you can do and get back to your productive gigs:

Download and use HTTPS Everywhere on strict mode.

If you really need to check out a http site, aka insecure, use a different browser with JavaScript disabled. The Brave browser makes this very easy (no affiliations).

Get in the habit of double-checking what you’ve dowloaded by comparing its hash with the one (maybe) published on the release notes before installing/executing onto your computer.

This seems annoying at first but worthwhile if you take #Malwares and #Ransomwares as possibilities.


1- Download the software.

2- Find the hash published by the provider.

3- Hash your download then compare.

If you’ve never done this, you would think it would take too long. I mean for a 400+ mb file, but surprisingly:

*** Disclaimer: I’m not a Security professional. This is advice I would give to a friend.

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