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An article about media bias attract 2 readers and posts biased against the article.

Michael Thompson, no matter how you try to play this “ I hesitate to write this…” disclaimer, your bias is clear for all to see. Since ironically you dispute the main trust of the article.

Dallas Dunlap, If you are your avatar photo, you have only few years of your life left. It would indeed be a shame you die not having ever known contentment and peace in your heart. Incidentally, the terrorist attacker in the article was consumed by hate BECAUSE of your likes hate-preaching a and the media’s you WRONGLY defend. He has left and destroyed the lives of his 4 children, not to mention other loved ones. His HATE of the ‘OTHER’overpowered his LOVE for his KIDS. Who do you think his children will blame, The muslims or the hate-preachers? Don’t you think the whole thing is stupid and unnecessary, yet it destroys many people lives beyond anyone’s imagination.

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