A 3rd world traveler

it’s been a day since I’ve collected my passport from the embassy of Ireland to collect my 3rd Visa rejection in my 2 years of trying to travel.

For I have provided everything I could as a working full time 20 year old with a divoced mom and 2 siblings.

Bank statements. NOC letter. Pay slips. Flight itinerary. Hotel booking. $2000 dollars. Just to spend a week in Ireland with a few friends I havent seen in years, all of that required because I was born and given a passport to a nationality I dont feel connected to.

and to be told “visitor might over stay trip”. fuck you.

I have friends who travel broke all accross the world but just because they have a privilege passport they are not labeled as seeking to be refuge. No doubt even homeless americans have more travel freedom than I would. How disgusting it is to be existent at a time to be sterotyped and limited due to your race.

Oh, and the only way I can travel anywhere without any problems?

have a 6 figure bank account and clearly established obligations. (but this only works sometimes)

Well I’ll get on that whilst being an expat trying to not get sent back to my home country.