I don’t t need to ask the question whether we have ever been pre-judged or not, because we all did. The moment when someone lays eyes on the other, the characteristic analysis start, our curious self being start to make assumptions and guessing who’s really that other person. On personal experience, I get that more often, some says I’m arrogant, the others say I’m selfish, even one time I’ve been told that I’m fake, and the pre-judgements never ends . Whenever an allegation like that comes up, i just feel sorry for the people who brings them up . And I’m not saying this to be mistaken for one the pre-judgments I’ve mentioned earlier, the reason why, as ambitious as it may sounds , but yeah, the reason why is that i want to change the world in my own humble way, with spreading motivation. For example , this is a fact that we all been through, pre-judging others, trying to guess if they were good or bad, kind or mean, honest or fake, but what separates us from the uptight non comprehensive human beings is the nature of passing by the judgements and give the other a chance to prove themselves ,to change that stereotype thoughts of being played.

So the question that I’m really gonna ask is -how much willingly are we ready to give other chances to people?-