The -LOVE-

Those four letters can mean anything. Basically and the world wide definition of this word -LOVE- is the amount of mixed emotions and feelings that the person start to have towards anything possibly,it can be a thing, it can be a person, it can be an animal, anything even spiritual substance. To be specific,the emotions and feelings i was talking about are the will to possess and have it for our own, whenever we’re happy we get more happy if that thing or the living creature is present, it brights up our day whenever we’re sad or depressed or down feeling,the protective instinct we grow towards it , the state of getting used to itand we go all the way to intiating a constructive process of a non measured connection with it or him as a person.

After all that have been said, I’d like to talk more about the side when that word full of various meanings start to work more and more on living creatures,especially humans. Love between humans can be very tricky and has many kinds, but what I’m gonna be talking about is love between couples. Humans by nature from the very beginning of time are social, we look for common things in other human beings, for example, when a man fall in love with a woman and as Shakespearical as it sounds, we do fall in love for each other, but how ? As I’ve mentioned before in the definition of love , we start to get used to that other person very much to reach the highest levels where we can’t live without’em. Whenever something good or bad happens to us, for better or worse, we share it with them,we give all our energy and time and effort to protect that sacred bond , we be all in.

I can speak for many days, if not years about love, but what bothers me the most , are the ones who desecrate love with deception,lies and manipulation,especially manipulation because it brings lies and deception together to be able to manipulate someone, taking advantage of that person,using him for a purpose and when you’re done, he’s gone with the wind. Why? Due to the kind,caring and nice personality that the other person has and that’s just wrong and this expression is the nicest way i can express my anger towards multi-faced spitfucks and gold diggers ( i had to get it out of me and sorry for the language)

Soon all lies will be discovered , the deception will go away and the manipulation will stop. How? Well it’s a simple answer,we’re not that stupid to stay with a person with those characters once we figure them out, I mean yes there are some special occasions where you find a patient partner who stays a bit longer hopping for the other to change and sometimes it works,but that’s once in a billion if not a trillion ( lol just made that up, well got to add some flavor to it). If he doesn’t,well that’s your que to hit the road jack or jacky and never come back no more ( Btw Ray Charles rocks).

The conclusion I’m hoping whoever reads this article to get is nice guys do finish last because the winner in every war is the last man standing and the same the thing goes for women.

Just grow up

Take some responsibility

And just be honest for God’s sake.