Poems for Sam: Suite in lust major:
For the days and the nights and between
For a partial glimpse of you
I crave then wither and reincarnate
Under the skin of a longing poet
Oh Sam ! my fallen goddess
Whom I loved I succumb willingly
To the feeling of belonging
That engulfs me
Whenever our eyes meet
And to the divine sensation
That shackles my soul
When I run my fingers over your curves
Oh Sam ! the forbidden key to the gates of horn and ivory
Open my chest and spare my soul
From the relentless cage of nostalgia
That devours my guts
Then guide me toward extreme euphoria
Through the colours of aurora
And the milky way
Where I’d stumble over stars
And fall on your lap
Oh sam ! the shimmering ray
That lights my starry nights
Spray your skin like stardust on mine
And get lost within me
In the hypnotic dance of our flickering hearts
That meet through our kisses
To beat in harmony
For life
For eternity
For the days and the nights and between
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