Second Time

She cried…a lot… From the moment we saw her and what felt like every two to five minute, she would cry. But not the crying of a baby that is uncomfortable, more like are you sure you can hear me, screaming on top of her lungs crying. We stayed in the hospital for about two days and every time I closed my eyes to lie down on the most uncomfortable convertible sofa/chair, she would explode into this loud crying contest, where she was the only contestant and had to one up herself. But she was worth loosing sleep.

She resembled her older sister so much that I was seriously asking myself if its possible to have twins after so may years apart. (yes I am aware this is a stupid thought, that’s why I kept it to myself). As time progressed she developed her own unique look and traits. For example as I mentioned crying is her thing. She spend most of her days following her older sister around and mimics everything she does. But there is a difference, her sister is a people person and is scared of the tiniest little insect, whereas she is extremely shy with people and loves the outdoors.

Now she is two years old and her sister started school. I was worried about her feeling lonely and my wife did mention the first few days she did ask a lot about where her sister was. She is better now, she has her routines, after her sister leaves for school she goes for a walk and she looks forward to taking the public transportation to go pick her up. She can undress herself, more or less, puts on her on shoes, most of the time not left to right and wants to become her own independent person. She is the first one up in the house usually around 5:30AM and is ready to go, once she is up she is ready to get her day started, no lying around and taking your time to get up.

I am excited to see what else is in store and support her along the way. Her and her sister are not complete opposites but I believe complements each other and I hope this keeps their bonds strong.

This my second time posting something on medium and I am not sure what direction I will be heading with here. I wrote about my kids becuase I am pasionate about them and love them tons but unsure about what will be next. Maybe this will be my last or I will have a ton more but I do have an urge to continue. I am open to any advise any seasoned writer/blogger/publisher, etc. may have for me on this or writing tips in general. Thank you for reading. -MZ

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