My First Post on Medium; and How to Take Advantage of Motivational Surges

Life has a tendency to try to push us down unexpectedly, and everyday usually feels like a battle between your dreams and desire to achieve them on one side, and trouble, problems, and interruptions on the other.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we call it a day, everything seems to whisper in our ears to put work on the side for later.

And then there are those odd days when you just wake up and feel this amazing surge of motivation run through your blood. The start of the day itself seems to push you to new heights and a more enthusiastic outlook than you are accustomed to.

Whether these motivational surges are because of some good news, a great sleep, or just a series of small but positive incidents in the first few moments of the morning, they are certainly welcome and need to be exploited quickly and effectively before they drain out of your system.

How you use that surge is all up to you, but you certainly want to consider your priorities and goals.

If your career can benefit from a new skill or some more in-depth knowledge, consider reading a new book or checking out an informative video on that skill or some info to get a better edge. If your career involves some creative work (such as writing a blog, creating a new design, or painting a new masterpiece), grab your tools and showcase that fine piece of work once it’s complete.

If you feel like you really need to get in better shape, then head to the gym or go for a run before that surge runs out.

Taking advantage of these motivational surges is important, and exploiting them for long-term gains is the trick. Whatever is most important to you is what you should throw your focus on once you feel that rush in that surprisingly extra good morning.

Case in Point

I signed onto Medium a few weeks (or a little over a month) ago to find a new platform to write on. Until today, I lacked the inspiration to come up with something to write about, and resigned to just read some of the great pieces published by some inspiring writers and worthy publications. So apart from what I have been writing on my own personal blog (which I haven’t updated for about a month, as well,) nothing really ever showed up on my Medium.

Today, I experienced one of those motivational surges in the morning. I felt extra inspired and motivated to write something — anything — down.

I decided to jot down my thoughts about that morning rush, and saved it for some changes later on in the day.

So here it is. Finally. My first piece on Medium.

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