Become Interesting By Being Interested

Nothing is interesting if you’re not interested” Helen Maclnness

After complete the part two of Dale Carnegie Book named “ HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” a question arise into my mind that can i become a good listener to win the people's hearts? Even my mind was empty to find the answer.

But most of the people says that am a good listener. In this busy world everyone is busy in his daily life routine and issues. No one want to take interest what happens in the lives of their relatives, friends and neighborhood.

The little story of Dale Carnegie dog , Martin Ginsberg Thanksgiving dinner with kind hearten nurse , Abdul Sattar Edhi help to others and many more peoples like that, these people actually good listener of others peoples and done his best job what they can do. They carefully listen them, understand their problems and issues and than think with open mind about how to act. Human nature always demanded more attention.

Amal Academy gave me a challenge to listen the people for whole day and be interesting. For this interesting challenge i show myself being interested. This challenge needs actively listening, open mind, patience etc. When I start this challenge I came to know people are worried to share their problems and issues, they want someone in their lives to listen them carefully.

But this is a unhappy thing that , we speak with people on social media e.g Facebook, whatsapp, and instagram etc. effectively than face to face. we share our personal or non-personal stories their without any hesitation and doing like and commenting which is meaningless. In reality and real life we do not give the time to each other to listen their problems and discussed, how we can solved or fixed them. You can say now a days technology speaks more than people.

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