This is the journey detailing how my name was added to humans.txt for scoring my first bug bounty, a severity 2 one at that! Im writing this as i’ve always personally been interested in how people discover security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, vulnerability itself is incredibly easy to exploit, details can be found at the end of this article. (pls scroll slowly so I can rake in some partner program earnings)

Back story

I was originally going to write an article describing testing I conducted in an attempt to figure out how much of the $5 monthly fee is given to writers through the Medium partner program. I had planned to test out different interactions which I thought might affect a writer’s compensation. Such as reading the article for different amounts of time and seeing if interacting with the article (through means such as: highlighting text, clapping) would affect the writer’s compensation. Since I am on a shoestring budget I only wanted to pay for a single “control” account to do all my testing from. I originally had 20+ different scenarios I intended to test and could only test a single one per day as Medium Partner Program earnings are calculated daily, I was looking for ways to automate the process. Thus, I went exploring through the chrome developer tools to analyze how data is transmitted back to

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A paywall is a method of restricting access to content via a paid subscription. Beginning in 2017, Medium implemented a paywall on their website that writers could voluntarily opt into. In-exchange writers would receive a share of the membership fee paid by the reader.

Although I do not personally want to participate in Mediums “Partner program”. Many publications such as The Startup prioritize content that is placed behind the paywall:

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So I personally have no issue/take no offence if you are to use the methods discussed below on articles I write as I only make a paltry $2 per month on this platform anyway. …

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Mohammad-Ali Bandzar

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