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Attack on Titan becomes a very popular anime in US and Europe, following the path of other successful Japanese anime like One Punchman, OnePiece, Dragon Ball, or maybe Shingeki No Kyiijun. Merchandises on those anime movies are totally worth to buy and collect including for the Attack on Titan T-Shirt. Among so many options on market, the following T-shirts will make the best choice. If you are a fan of this anime, you need to read this recommendation. Check this out.

Attack On Titan Plot

The entire plot of this anime tells the story of a struggle against the invasion of titan that dangers the existence of human race. Titans are incredibly strong yet mean creatures that can live for so many years without eating anything. Oddly, these creatures are now targeting human flesh as food and this is when the hunting begins. As we can guess, the plot is mainly about how human tries to survive and to defeat these creatures.

The T-Shirt Review

Many online stores and e-commerce websites sell anime t-shirt. However, based on my experience, Walmart and Amazon set a high price, if not too high, while the design is pretty standard. After searching for a while, trying to find new references and alternative, I found a website that sells Attack on Titan T-Shirt in best price and best quality. It offers the most unique design, great quality, many sizes and cut for men and women, and it offers the most reasonable price.


Titan Park T-Shirt

This is the first Attack on Titan T-Shirt that I found on Animeteeshop.com when I searched for it on Google. The most interesting part of this t-shirt is the design that reminds you on Jurrasic Park movie. Using the iconic movie logo, this t-shirt displays the titan as a threatening, wild, savage, and indiscriminate predator. The combination of the entire colors and design effectively deliver the tragic and horror on the story plot, while it represents quality at the same time. This t-shirt will make an excellent choice as it also delivers fun ideas by using and altering other movie icon in the smartest way.

#2. Survey’s Corps T-Shirt

Survey Corps T-Shirt

Survey’s Corps is an army division built to stake out the wall while it also studies the titans, finding out their behavior and weaknesses. This division has an interesting symbol, a set of wings in a vertical arrangement. Somehow, it feels like it represents freedom. Displaying the symbol in most comfortable cut of t-shirt, this one makes a great choice. It shouts out freedom message while it is available on the coolest color options.


Levi Ackerman T-Shirt
Coolest Levi Ackerman T-Shirt

Levi Ackerman is a normal person yet he is the strongest one in this story. He manages to live in healthiest way in the filthy underground city. He is also known for being loyal to people he loves while he is calm and perfectionist as well when it comes to hygiene. He is one of the main roles in this anime and he plays significant part on human struggle in the story.

This t-shirt doesn’t blandly print this character. Instead, it displays the character in most artistic way with rather punk finish on the print. In dark shade, this t-shirt looks edgy and fun, making it a perfect choice for the rebellious soul.

#4 Titan T-Shirt

Female Titan T-Shirt
Colossal Titan T-Shirt
Armored Titan T-Shirt
Eren Jeager T-Shirt

In the story, there are several humans who have the titan power, in which they can turn into a titan. These characters include Eren Jeager, Annie Leonhart, Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, and the Mysterious Beast Titan. They are special characters and a t-shirt with their print will be great.

The Eren Jager t-shirt has a 3D graphic on it, making it looks very real. Meanwhile, the Titan Armored t-shirt has the perfect saturation and contrast. I bought this same t-shirt as well, and I am satisfied with the high quality fabric. The print is very real and it has the most fitting finish.

#5 Mikasa Ackerman T-Shirt

Baddas Mikasa T-Shirt
Realistic Mikasa Ackerman T-Shirt

Everyone loves this anime knows this girl. Mikasa Ackerman is a brave person and a badass knight. She is also known for her beautiful and hot body in addition to his close relationship with Eren Jager. Her saying, “I could do it, because I’m stronger than you are,” is very iconic and well known among fans.

If you idolize the character, this t-shirt is great and you should get one. It is made of cotton combed 20’s that feels very soft to the touch and the design is finished in the most beautiful way. It displays the character beauty very well while the t-shirt is comfortable and stylish to wear.

#6 Annie Leonhart T-Shirt

Annie Leonhart T-Shirt
Annie Leonhart T-Shirt II

This is another popular chick in the story. Unlike Mikasa Ackerman, Annie Leonhart tends to be indecisive on herself. She works on the enemy’s side in the story, yet she has a beautiful face and figure while she has strong personalities as well.

The t-shirt with her print is made of nice quality fabric while it displays a great graphic of this character at the same time. The idea of displaying a character graphic isn’t new, but this t-shirt delivers the most unique look by using contrasting colors as a combination on the entire finish.

#7 Training Corps T-Shirt

Training Corps T-Shirt

In the story, people need to get a training first in Training Corps before they can join the force. They will be sent to a division that fits their qualifications. This t-shirt will make you feel like you are a student in this place. It displays the institution symbol on the shirt like what you get in a college or university shirt. Really, this is awesome. If you are a fan of this anime, this t-shirt will amuse you. It is made of fine quality fabric and it is finished with best graphic for the Training Corps symbol.

#8 Erwin Smith Attack On Titan Merchandise Shirt

Erwin Smith T-Shirt
Erwin & Levi Shirt

Described as intelligent figure with excellent leadership traits, Erwin Smith is a respectable character in the story. Levi Ackerman respects and follows his entire orders. He is an adult with settled character and remarkable expertise. A t-shirt with his graphic on it is a great idea for you who share the same soul. Cool graphic is attached on this fine quality dark shade t-shirt, making it a casual yet stylish choice for Attack on Titan T-Shirt.


Shasha & Potato T-Shirt
Survey Corps Chibi T-Shirt

This anime has a great story and graphic and it is perfectly logical to be a fan. However, if you consider buying the t-shirt, Animetesshop.com is the best place for shopping. They offer fine quality t-shirt, great graphic, and most friendly transaction. They have the best Attack on Titan T-Shirt collection you can’t miss. Each shirts is available FOR MEN &WOMEN.

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