What I thought and what I see

Sometimes there is difference between what we think and what we actually experience. Before university, I had always thought of civil engineering only as a science of designing and execution of buildings and skyscrapers and I wasn’t able to distinguish between architecture and civil engineering. That limitation ,which was in my mind, would make me enthusiastic about civil engineering or reluctant to choose it in university entrance exam.

Although civil engineering and architecture overlap in some subjects, they totally differ from each other and their concentration of study is varied. Whereas Architecture focuses on the spatial functionality and aesthetic, civil engineering focuses on structural behavior, serviceability and durability. In other words, civil engineering is connected to body ,but architecture is related to soul. For example, an architect decides where to put a wall and how it affects building users and a civil engineer specifies the ingredients and thickness of the wall. Despite the differences between civil engineering and architecture, these two majors have many things in common.

Civil engineering is not limited to buildings. Designing and execution of bridges, dams, highways and structural systems are some parts of this infinite ocean. Civil engineering is about feeling and realizing structures and materials. It’s about responsibility, creativity, accuracy and joy for sure. The more I study and learn in this field, the more I understand that I know nothing.

Mohammad Amin Hosseini

Faculty of civil engineering-SRTTU