Break your shell and Emerge as Extrovert

Main reason of my writing emerges from the fact that we can only do our best if we corporate with one another and learn importance of one another in our daily life. Here I wanted to share my personal experience from my university days. I am basically an introvert person and I prefer doing things on my own no matter what. So in university I studied hard but didn’t find it fruitful but in parallel there were other fellows in my class of same mentality level and they were making good progress in their academics, so after I inspected closely they were mostly from different hostel and were cooperating in learning process, so I get myself attached to them and that day I learned that to get full out of you, one need to be involved in outer society and must become an extrovert.

Now after reading book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, from which it became clear that your intentions towards other and their importance in your life really matter in its own regard. I only wanted to conclude the main theme of that book here and it is that; Give Importance to other if you wanted to attain your spot in their heart and only your spot in their heart make you successful and give you a life that long last after you went by. Similarly we can say give respect to receive respect and show passion to make other person passionate about you. In book I like story of Howard Thurston, who was a magician but some of his traits were so unique that he came across a successful career just by having those traits and one of the trait is that he was interested in people and he knows that they love him and he always try to give his best because he knows that they are here to see me and I will give them my 100%.

So it can be concluded in such a way that a person who wield his ego and didn’t share his moments and feelings with other can’t live a life in which he can stay happy and satisfied for a long time. So be interested in one another and try to know one another to create a happy living free from stress.