Project Work 1:

By reading autobiography of Edhi Sb. and relating it to my personal life I have come to many turning points where I can relate the principle of progress to my life and I would like to share some of them here. First of all I also experienced criticism from my family, because my family is very over cautious and also they were very cautious about studies so a mixture of cautions’ and fear for my studies created a jumble of frustration in my life, so I started studying hard, but my parents were not satisfied with it, they wanted me to do more and do more and do more because they are cautious so not matter how hard I studied it seemed to them that he is not trying to its fullest , I am an average student, but I was overloaded at time when I was in secondary school and also in Intermediates , my father used to say to my mother that, “Write it down on a paper that this boy never succeed in life”, he said it plainly on my face every time, so internally I became more committed to my education, so basically this improved my will power and I never gave up and started my struggle until I cleared my university education in first division, as Edhi mother used to say to Abdul Sattar Edhi when he returned home from school and he didn’t spent one paisa that his mother has given him to spend it on whoever he found on his way , but he didn’t spent that money before returning to home, “What kind of human being you are you? Look at the greed in your eyes; already you have started robbing the poor”. Edhi says that “her remarks and insults were tortuous and trained me to deprive myself and due to sharing of money, searching for human interest stories became a pastime that sharpened my instincts and enabled me to differentiate between lazy and needy. “ Edhi never gave up his early trainings by his mother and “Amal” and “Khudi” and his passion to work made him to be recognized as biggest humanitarian world will ever know.

Activity# 2:

I wanted to achieve and complete reading of a Novel which was very thick and also very complex with web of complex characters.

I wasn’t able to do it if not paid full attention to it, and I was very much occupied in my semester studies that I didn’t find time to do so, when my semester ended I make my mind to finish this work. I wanted to achieve this because reading fiction is one of my favorites thing and I don’t get bored in doing so and I can give my all time to it. In past I was much occupied to my semester studies that I didn’t find time to do read it.

I face a great number of challenges while doing so because whenever I started reading this book my parents taunt me because they wanted me to read only course books.

First three tasks that I do to finish this are explained follow:

1. First I separated the important chapters that related mostly to its previous book, basically I wanted to study the Novel of “A Feast for Crows” by George R.R Martin and previous book in this series (A Song of Ice and Fire) was “A Storm of Swords”, so there are some extra chapters in “A Feast for Crows” that didn’t relate well with A Storm of Swords” like chapters of “Brienne” so I used summary of this chapter from website of “” . It shorted my work somehow, and I moved one more step in finishing this novel.

2. Because this novel is very complex with different Characters and places so sort out a good part of the day when I can read it peacefully, this was the only way to finish this mammoth proportional novel and to do this I started reading it during night when everyone was sleeping, so in this way I was able to read and understand more.

3. So I also got one free audio-book from to hear my favorite novel in a more lively way and finish it early.

This is front page picture of my novel:

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