The Spurs Way to Success

Listen up all owners, coaches, GMs, presidents of operations, and players. THIS is how you build a great franchise. This is how you ensure longevity and consistency in success. There are multiple right ways to do, but even more wrong ways to do it. However, how the Spurs have done is the BEST way!

It’s not as simple as just tanking year in and year out (ahem Sixers), stocking-up on high draft picks and hoping to build from the abundance of talent — you need to first build a mindset and culture of success.

It’s not simple as just throwing an insane amount of money at a highly accomplished coach hoping he can be successful at a job he’s never done before despite his reluctance to it (hello NY Kicks) — you need to hire a coach who’s 100% vested and has a philosophy that everyone can buy into rather be forced into.

It’s not as simple as just taking highly skilled offensive players and spreading them on the floor and playing a high tempo style of shooting offense (that’s right D’antoni and Rockets) — Defense, rebounding, playing with grit, and having other intangibles are still keys to success.

It’s simply amazing how the first year without their franchise icon retiring, after their starting PG getting injured, and their best player and top 5 MVP candidate missing this game, they still DOMINATED on the ROAD against a great regular season team playing an elimination game.

Greg Poppovich and the Spurs have built a blueprint for success, one that is simply amazing to watch and is not dependent on just anyone person.


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