Your Workout Routine is (probably) BS

It’s so annoying when you hear non-fitness experts brag about how their workout routine is the best and how they or a family/friend of theirs lost X amount of pounds by following their program. In reality they are most likely just giving themselves too much credit.

I was talking to a co-worker and he was saying “My brother lost 10 lbs. and shed 2% body fat in just one month working out with me.” I then asked him to describe the workout routine he prescribed for his brother. He described some intense sounding workouts, and he said that they worked out like 5 times a week. I then asked him what was his brother’s workout routine prior to that, my coworker replied “he didn’t work out.”

LOL well duh genius. Of course your brother is going to lose weight and get more fit by just starting a workout routine — any type of workout.

And that’s the problem, it so easy to mistake activity for productivity. And this human vulnerability is what so many companies, especially health and fitness companies, use to market and sell their products.

I know it sounds silly, but you can’t fully judge the efficacy of something (in this case a workout routine) by just simply looking at the results (your health) after you start it.

You have to isolate and separately consider all variables that could go into affecting the result, and additionally you have to determine the relative value of your supposed solution.

Let’s say you purchased and started the P-90x or Insanity workout and lost 15 lbs after doing it 5 times a week for 8 weeks. Can you really pinpoint and say that it was that workout routine that made you lose the weight? If so, how much of the weight can be attributed to the workout routine?

Did you start eating healthier? sleeping better? stressing less? And could you have achieved all, most, or some of that weight loss if you just invented your own workout called BS-90x? Are the science promoted behind these workout programs all fluff dressed in pretty marketing?

I am not railing against all these modern fitness programs and work out routines, nor I am saying you shouldn’t follow them. All I am saying is that before you spend money on buying any of these types of programs, understand its relative value and know what you are paying for!