Difference between fireproof brick and pirate

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Today, bricks come in a variety of varieties on the market. A very high variety of bricks may cause people to be skeptical about their choice. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the specifications of its different types in order to make a better choice. Fireproof brick and آجر قزاقی are two of the most popular and best-selling types of brick. But what is the difference between fireproof brick and pirate? Which of these two bricks to choose for your building.

Kazakh brick, which is one of the oldest types of bricks. This brick has been used in building and facade design from the past to the present. But fireproof bricks are newer and more modern bricks that are widely used in modern architecture and construction today. In fact, two traditional and modern bricks are competing. Now to examine the difference between fireproof and Kazakh bricks, to examine the difference between raw materials, appearance, color, price, application and so on … We pay these two bricks.

Kazakh brick
Traditional brick building

Difference between fireproof and Cossack bricks in raw materials

The main and first difference between Kazakh and refractory bricks in the raw materials used to produce bricks is their soil type. The base of the soil is Kazakh brick, clay. Kazakh bricks are traditionally handmade and molded. That is why the preparation of this brick requires a longer period of time.

But for آجر نسوز, fireproof and porcelain are used. these bricks have a dense and delicate molecular structure. These bricks are cooked in very high-heat furnaces. The presence of black grains in fireproof brick is due to the presence of silica in the raw materials of brick. The use of this soil has made the two bricks distinct. For example, because of the refractory properties of this brick, they have a specific use.

brick faced
brick house

The difference between Kazakh brick and fireproof brick

One of the most prominent differences between fireproof brick and Kazakh brick is the apparent difference between the two types of brick. Kazakh bricks have uneven surfaces and irregular edges, which is why they are sometimes called traditional or rural bricks. But fireproof bricks have smooth, uniform edges and a grain-like surface. In general, fireproof bricks have a more regular and modern appearance.

Kazakh brick and refractory brick are produced in two types: rustic brick and plaque. The other difference between the two bricks is their color. We’re going to look at the color spectrum of both bricks.

Comparison of fireproof and Cossack brick colors

As mentioned above, one of the differences in the appearance of fireproof and Cossack bricks is the color of the bricks. Today, Kazakh bricks are available in four main colors on the market, including: 1-pear or cream 2-Yellow 3-pink (onion skin, henna, fire color) 4 — Red (Red).

But fireproof brick has a very high variety of colors and designs. There are different types of refractory bricks in red, black, white, orange, yellow, pink, crimson, Brown and iodine colors. The type of soil and the amount of heat used to cook fireproof bricks have created different color spectra of bricks. Recently, newer fireproof brick designs such as gradient and spotted have also been produced and marketed.

Difference between fireproof and Cossack bricks in terms of heat tolerance and resistance

Due to the preparation of fireproof bricks from fireproof soil and its cooking in very high temperature brick kilns, these bricks are able to withstand temperatures of 1500 ° C. In fact, these bricks have fire and heat-resistant properties. But Kazakh bricks can withstand up to 500 degrees Celsius.

When preparing fireproof bricks, the raw materials are pressed using a press machine at a much higher pressure than the Kazakh brick inside the mold. For this reason, fireproof brick has a higher resistance to pressure and is later crushed and lip-filled.

Because the raw material of the pirate brick is clay, it absorbs more water than fireproof brick. The water content of Kazakh brick is about 10%, while fireproof brick has about 5% water absorption. For this reason, fireproof bricks have higher resistance to frost and contraction and expansion than Kazakh bricks.

brick house

Difference between fireproof and Cossack bricks in terms of application

The difference in appearance between Kazakh and fireproof bricks has also led to the two bricks having different uses. Both brick facades are used to design the interior and exterior of the building. But which brick is best used in a building is very important.

As mentioned, Kazakh brick has a traditional appearance due to its irregular edges. For this reason, this brick is used in traditional facades and buildings that want the interior to have a nostalgic effect. The use of Kazakh bricks as decorative bricks creates a warm and pleasant look. But fireproof brick, due to its more modern appearance, is suitable for use in the interior and exterior facades of modern and more modern buildings.

The use of these two bricks is not only related to the design of the interior and exterior of the building. Full pirate brick is also used to wall and raise the building. It is also used to make barbecues and to make a variety of furnaces and fireplaces due to its fireproof and heat-resistant properties. It is also used as a carpet floor

Comparison of the price of Kazakh bricks and fireproof bricks

Perhaps one of the most important issues in the difference between fireproof and Kazakh bricks is their price difference. The price of bricks also depends on how it is cooked and made. Fireproof brick is cooked by machine. But Kazakh bricks are prepared manually and traditionally. That’s why it takes more time to produce it. For this reason, the price of Kazakh brick is slightly higher than that of refractory brick.

But in general, the price of pirate brick and the price of fireproof brick depend on other parameters such as the type of fireproof or pirate brick, the dimensions of the product, the construction metering, the manufacturer’s factory, the distance from the manufacturer’s factory to the project site. Iran needs to supply various types of fireproof brick, Kazakh brick and Lofton brick with the highest quality and at a completely reasonable price. For more information on the difference between fireproof brick and Kazakh brick, as well as information on the price of brick types, https://ajorpars.com visit this site.




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