How I Decided What I Want To Become

Before Two years ago, when I was in 11 grade somebody asked me what do you want to become in your life, few seconds after his question I was in abstract thoughts and asked myself do I really want to do something in life ? 
However, few moments later with a skeptical thinking of my career, I dodged his question with a funny reply “I want to become a useful human being’’, but after he left I again asked myself what I want to do in my life ?

After that event, That question remain stuck in my mind and for over a month I started to keep asking myself what I want to become in my life , In a result I ended up reading biography of successful peoples in the world including Elon Musk, Jack Ma, J.k Rowling and many others , What I found in reading all these biographies is this line said by Les Brown (Motivational Speaker)

“Easy is not an option.”

The habit of keep asking myself helped me to find out my passion in a way I never expected, one of the lecture which really helped to choose my path is a talk of philosopher known as Alan Watts (I have attached the video below), I followed one of his advice which he gave by choosing one choice, , I followed path which I think I will never gonna feel any regret, that’s the reason my instinct compelled to choose Computer science and to become Cyber Security Engineer.

Later afterwards, I noticed that I was not the only person who was living with such a unplanned life, majority of students are the victims of this dilemma due to their complex problems.

Therefore, I decided to suggest some tips for students who haven’t decided anything yet about their future life.
Here Are Some tips I think which can helpful to anyone who want find out the real you.

  • Ask Yourself Who Do You Want To Be

Arnold Schwarzenegger told seven rule to become successful in life and one of them is that ask yourself who do you want to be? What makes you feel happy? 
If you are not sure about it go on to mirror see yourself ask again where you want to see yourself after ten years ? and don’t think about money otherwise you will lose your entire journey and end up in a goose chase of lucrative job with nothing on the table.

  • BE ON IT

Don’t run away when you find yourself in difficult situation.Once you decided what want to become or want to do anything than be on it. Don’t run away , ignore naysayers and move on.

Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man — Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan)
  • Follow Role Models

If you have made a decision to do something, always look for those who have already done it before doing it yourself, see how did they done it . This will give an idea about the 
Following a good role models is always a good option because it will encourage you how to combat tough times when you think you are on a the edge to give up.

  • Do Your Research

Whatever you are doing in your life , before making any decision always try to learn more about it , one good habits is to go on online forum on internet , prior knowledge is always good tool, will help you to think of possible scenarios about future .

  • 5. Watch Motivational Videos

I’m not sure about this one, but it really helped me alot, especially the lectures of Less Brown and Eric Thomson and many other speaker are really useful resource. try that as well!

In the conclusion, If you began to follow these steps, I think there is nothing else in this world which can hold you back from doing things which you are passionate about .