Salt coin: The world first commodity cryptocurrency of the largest salt manufacturing in Europe.

What it is like to be a co-owner of a large industrial business?

Well salt coin bring you an opportunity to become the co-owner of the large industrial business by getting the SALT COIN. In other words you are investing in the stakes not in the coins. Salt coin is backed by the mining of the product which we use in our daily life “salt” the white gold.

SALT COIN is an Ethereum commodity based on the real SALT deposits of BELBAZHSKOYE rock salt field in rheKoverninskiy area of Nizhnij Novgorod which is one of the largest deposits in the Europe. Proven salt reserves by IMC MONTAN ESTIMATION are 2.6 BILLION TONS. Plant has a production capacity of 600 thousand tons and foretasted 30 percent market share.

Salt coin will give 10% of profit per token since the investment you are making in the stakes of the company this will give you a promised dividend of 10%. You will demand your money back you will your 100% money back.

Why to invest in this mining company?

well, with the growth of chemical industry the demand of salt is increasing as it is the common rule of economy that with the increase in the demand of commodity, price of the commodity increases.

This will be the Import substitution of the large salt supplier from Ukraine Artemsol and thus more chances of growth of market.

As this is the new manufacturing enterprise so we will have the latest technology and it will be very expensive for the competitors to update their plants. Due to the latest production facilities efficiency of the company will be greater than the competitors.

High purification of salt (99.7%) leaves in the highly profitable salt.

Only one competitors in the EEU.

Project has a investment of $90m and targeted revenue in 2021 will be $200m. currently the NPV of the project is $238m.

Completed stages 2016 of the project includes the licence for a period upto 30.04.2030 along with the stock assessment and the preliminary study on the development.

Stages in active phase 2017 includes approval of technical project for field development and design and engineering of production.

Planned milestones 2017–2019 includes the construction of a plant with a production capacity of 600 thousand tons and the start of production and production start-up in operation.

Salt coin will be a constantly growing token with the time it is best time to get the salt coin to get the bonus.

Invest now in the growing and profitable company of future. it is better to invest in the Ethereum because of smart contract which allows to automate all processing of the application for purchase of tokens. As you have paid for the Scoin tokens, you at once will receive token in the wallet.

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IMC Montana
Rostec state corporation
National rating agency
Financial examination
Ruskhlor association

The biggest perspective customers:

LLC Rusvinali
LLC HaloPolymer
JSC Khimprom
X5 Retail Group
Spetsmash Group

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