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In the current era, most of the financial investors and the users use the blockchain network in order to enhance their profits and value but the existing platforms of the blockchain are not much effective and efficient because of their high fee and the low liquidity and they also lack the transparency the platforms that are available on the blockchain didn’t possess the third-party verification and frequently suffer from the conflicts of the interest. As the investors focus on their benefits and the platforms main focus is their benefits this create the issue of conflict of the interest and disturbs the benefits and significance of the blockchain system and also because of the high cost reduces the profits of the investors. The entire ecosystem of the banks, the advisors, record keepers and the markets are extracting massive fees from both the investors and the companies and reduce their profits. To solve all these issues that are related to the existing platforms of the blockchain the designed its network.

What is

The is the financial institution of next generation that is based on the blockchain technology in order to solve the existing issues of the blockchain related to high fee, bureaucracy, high interest, conflict of interest, low liquidity etc. that will affect the blockchain platform performance and reduce the revenues of the companies and the investors. The platform was developed to disturb the prevailing status quo in the financial markets in order to become a helper in the new era of the trading and the financing.

The is designed by the team of the developers that are based in the Zug, Switzerland also recognized as the Crypto Valley. The initial objective of the is to develop the financial and the trading platform for the crypto assets that is built on the blockchain technology. However, the long-term objective of the is to offer the forex and the CFDs for the global equities, precious metals, indices, oil, commodities, and much more. At the time of the launch of the platform, it expects that they will offer 120+ products for the trading as the will have the capacity to trade any number of assets.

Aim of network

The main focus and aim of the are to democratize markets, make a reduction or even tries to eliminate the fees, saves the money for the investors and the companies, and prevent the blockchain and its users from the inefficiencies that will enhance the profits and the value of the investors and the companies.

How does the Work?

At the time of the launch of the platform, it expects that they will offer to trade in more than the 120 different financial instruments, including the cryptocurrencies, the forex pairs, and the CFDs on the stock indices, oil, commodities, stocks, precious metals, and the energies.

Some of the main features and the functions of the platform are as follows:

The want to become the leading network based on the blockchain technology that will allow the trading of the multiple financial assets

The want to become the leading exchange for the traditional companies in order to raise the funds from the crypto communities

The want to be the platform that is most cost-effective in order to facilitate the investment banking services with the reduced advisory expenses

The want to become the biggest trading liquidity pool composed of the Trade Token holders in order to provide the Trade Token holders

They want their token to become the top 5 crypto-asset based on the market cap

Benefits of the

The purpose of the is to provide the users the following benefits:

Blockchain Technology: Blockchain offers an unchallengeable record of each transaction within the customer account in order to ensure the complete transparency by the blockchain.

Liquidity Pool: offer the multiple transparent profits streams, including the transactional proceeds and the margin financing.

Daily Distributions: through the liquidity pool contributors the platform will allow the users to participate in the daily distributions that are paid directly to their digital wallet in the fiat and the cryptocurrencies.

Investment Banking: Support the new and the existing funds in raising the funds and the listing on the exchange.

Experienced Team: talented management and the advisors from the investment banking, the blockchain, trading space, and the fintech.

Frictionless Utility Token: The network utilizing the Trade Token (TIO), that is utilized in order to exchange and take part in the mutual liquidity pool.

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