Another biggest hit of the year and that is “Platio”. Yes people, now with the help of Platio, you can do many things, as because, Platio is the platform which has all-in-one smart banking for the crypto, stock assets, and as well as fiat. However, this is actually supported over EOS blockchain technology, though, this platform will definitely offer its users a secure and a very convenient way to handle further transactions among those digital and traditional finance.

Although, Users can easily make payments under crypto through with the help of SEPA / SWIFT and as well as debit cards…

As we all know, that the year of 2018, is just defined as a year of best performance in cryptocurrency exchange. However, there would be many types of exchanges have come and go, even though, some exchanges have already been hacked, or even some exchanges have just been decentralized, and some of them just gone through zero to the position of №1 in just a fact of months.
Although, 2018 hasn’t over yet, and for this, we have brought to you the “ProBit Digital Currency Exchange”. Now move to the down and read all the details about this.

What is ProBit currency exchange?

ProBit is…

Do you want to trade and start your own cryptocurrencies business but still don’t know how to start it? Then this review about the “London Block Exchange” will give you an idea about how to take help with this company easily.However, the London Block Exchange is a UK based company that will simply provide you to further buy bitcoin (BTC) and 11 more other cryptocurrencies with the help of GBP.

But somehow, we know that one of the main questions is coming to your mind regarding who is London Block Exchange platform? and how does this actually works, right? …

With the passage of every day in the crypto there is always something new and something innovative IRON X wants to bring the forex and crypto on the same platform below are the some intresting information related the project


IRONX is a platform started as a worldwide one-stop exchanges framework with the end goal of valuable assets. This endeavor tries to offer a reasonable, safe, and clear computerized resources exchanging services for the blockchain world. In the expansion, this stage is structured, not exclusively to deliver an ecosystem that will work for cryptographic money exchanging yet additionally works for monetary items token with colossal contrasts in advanced space. The IRONX is a platform that allows users to exchange using local finances from different nations. …

About 97% of human history is lost because recording didn’t start untill about 6000 years ago . It is the fact that data is more important to us than anything else. we do all that we can do to recover the data from the dead drive because data is so much important to us and also for other users and bussiness too. Today we will be talking about the ico for the data processing named as “swipeCrypro”.

Now a day the deficiency of transparency among data sellers data users and application developers which is all prompting doubt and inability of…

Everyone loves to watch their favorite movies, tv programs in their free time for the entertainment purposes and with the internet which makes the world a global village, people leverage from the tech and pays monthly subscriptions to watch their favorite content. Different teams in the crypto world comes up daily with new innovative ideas which is a good thing that blockchain is being integrated in our daily life. i come to know about a project “slate” and on whitepaper it is written that it is backed by hollywood.

Slate project:

Movie picture theaters TV and cable were altogether disordered by the…

How many projects in the crypto world do we really see who aims to solve the real world problems? maybe the are very few in numbers. i search a lot about the projects with the real world use. Today we will talk about a project different in nature from all of the crypto projects named as “4NEW”.

This is really the first-time project which going to be happening now, through this we can surely getting rid of energy shortfall, water wastages problems and many other things like these. Maybe at this time, we can now assume to be free ourselves…

With the every day adoption of the blockchain there are always some interesting projects in their initial stages which have a lot to offer other than just their whitepaper. i usually search for the best projects of cryptocurrency with the real world use i have another best project to introduce to all of you lets discuss about the project without wasting more time. The name of the project is “FRAGMENTS’’.

Reshape the world with grapevine

we usually come across by number of icos daily but we may miss out the best ones with the great potential and invest in the icos which have nothing more than just a whitepaper to offer. i was searching about the best icos on the google then something interesting came into sight named as “grapevine”.

This is the one and the only option for us now to further breaking the data barriers now and start to build a new and improved healthcare economy to provide many advantages to the worldwide. When we see this word “advantage” we surely get many hopes and undoubtedly this grapevine will give you more than you expect. Now let’s see some of its popular advantages to further get you to realize that how important is this to be stay in our lives to make it more simple and easy.

About last 2 days going through the internet I have happen to discover about Quadrant Protocol ICO many people were talking and started discussions on it. Therefore, I have decided to share my review on it. It is basically a Singaporean ICO and it’s a block chain based protocol that enables the access creation and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and proven improvements at its core.

Basically they’re going after the data economy you know how you have a lot of them the data, info , and data industry where you have a lot of data that…

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