Lessons I’ve learned After Leaving A Comfortable Job

In a few weeks it will be the anniversary when I left my comfortable 9–5 job and making the switch to the risky exciting journey I am still on today. I am still shocked that it’s almost been a year , they say the first year is the hardest and they are right. What I’m about to share is not how much money I made and what it takes to buy a Ferrari because I haven’t even made it that far yet. I am still in the beginning of this whole journey, so throw out the junk you see on Instagram and social media and open your mind for reality.

Lesson #1: Patience Needs To Be Your Pikachu

I am totally serious about the Pikachu part, patience needs to be your best friend….period. Within the last year I have go through so many ups and downs, days and weeks of feeling depressed. Patience is what got me through it all, once i stepped back I would count the amount of days since I quit my comfortable job and realized that I haven’t gone through enough to get where I want to go. Internet personalities try to make it seem so easy when they achieved something great, money, cars, a nice body, etc. They want you to buy their products and continue to follow them. On the other hand there are the ones who fake it all and it’s nothing but an act.

Patience is what is going to get you through the sleepless nights, the days where you are going to punch holes in your wall, and when you feel like giving up. Stephen Curry was told that he would never be an elite NBA player back in 2009, we are now in 2016 and he is all over ESPN and the internet with talks of breaking the Bulls record. That is a total of 7 YEARS!

Lesson #2: Accept Change & Growth

This past year I can’t count the amount of times I changed and grew into the next level. My original plan was to be one of the biggest fitness YouTubers and influential people in the Industry, don’t get me wrong it still is. Here is what changed; I realized that in order for me to really get my life going and move out I need to do something bigger. Each day I saw that the amount of crap and fake people on the internet increase. In order for me to make it big quick I had to sell out and become someone I don’t want to become. I don’t want to be the type of person who calls people out so I’m not going to point those people out.

Once I had realized in order for me to succeed I need to capitalize and prioritize on other goals that set for myself(I will share them with you later on, but soon), I had to really accept the change in direction I was headed. One of my goals is till to be known in the fitness industry but for me to do it my way I have to do it differently than the scammers and fakes. The main point out of this lesson is to accept the idea that you may have to take different roads that you never thought of taking in order to achieve your goal. If something you are trying isn’t working and you continue with that same method, you will always get the same result. Be open minded and embrace the change in direction.

Lesson #3: Have A Mentor

Think of your mentor as a flashlight, they will shed light on things you wouldn’t notice and will make it easier for you to walk in the dark. A mentor can’t be a friend who listens when you vent and gives you generic advice, a mentor needs to be someone who achieved similar things to what you want to achieve. A mentor will save you a lot of time with their guidance and experience. Speaking from experience I made a lot more progress with a mentor and I have a clearer sense of direction. Mentors also hold you accountable, they can ask you each week or month if you did what you needed to do. Creating your own job is all on you, this leaves a lot of room for procrastination and over planning instead of actually executing. Just like a personal trainer holds their client accountable with their diet and workouts, the client can do it all by themselves but having a trainer is a lot more efficient.

Of course I learned a lot more but these are the main three that stood out to me. The first year of creating your own job focus on learning than earning first, build a solid foundation before growing. In the end it’s about being around for more than a year or two as a business.

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