The Story Of How I lost 60 Pounds

To give you a back story, my life was a new mess at the age of 18. The reason I say “a new mess” is because just a few days before I started college at University California of Riverside I had just turned 18 and moved out. I wasn’t too far from home but at the time I didn’t have a car, so a few of my close friends who already been going UCR told me to move in with them. This was all new for me, I lived in an apartment with juniors and seniors, and I was never really was away from my family. Yes I said juniors and seniors, I was always interested In surrounding myself with people older than me, most of them actually enjoyed my company because I was a little more mature for my age. So the vibe of this new place I called home and college where high school teachers would scare us by saying “people don’t care about you In college”, It was all true but unfortunately that’s not where it ended.

On the first day of class started I had just got to my apartment after a Micro Econ class and we all know how Econ is, I was sitting with a close friend of mine on this raggedy old sofa where he was preparing a power point. We were cracking jokes, asked me about my first day, and talked about tomorrow’s first Muslim Student Association meeting of the quarter. In the middle of us laughing I got a phone call from an unknown number,I usually don’t answer calls from unknown numbers but for some weird reason I answered. On the other end of the phone It was my dad’s best friend which was unusual, why would he be calling me? He told me my father was In a bad motorcycle accident and was in critical condition, I stayed positive and thanked god that it wasn’t worse. I asked my friend for a ride to the hospital and on our way out two minutes after the initial phone call I got a call again from my dad’s friend and told me that my dad had passed away.

Freshman year of college was by far the hardest, academic probation for two quarters, away from home, and readjusting to this new life I had without a father. I had gained a lot of weight in that time and It wasn’t muscle gains, I’m pretty sure I was close to being in the diabetic category. Imagine an 18 year old at 240lbs and 30% body fat, my family has a history of heart problems and other illnesses. I decided that summer after my freshman year to take my health seriously. Within my sophomore year I lost 60 pounds and was unrecognizable to most people. All I did was make healthier choices and worked out consistently. Confidence and happiness were no longer an issue, confidence would flourish when i spoke and walked on campus. Smiling was the verb that friends and family associated me with. This goes to show that physical and mental health are directly collaborated with each other, once you achieve one the other will come rolling through.

Don’t get me wrong it was tough but what kept me going was not motivation but the reason why I did it. Understanding and accepting why you are doing what you are doing for the right reasons will take you a lot farther in life than motivation. Motivation is like a Pepsi can shaken up and goes all over the place when you trick your sibling into opening it. Motivation changes throughout our life, comes and goes, and supplements our understanding of why we are doing what we are doing. It will push you to do what you love on days where you hate it. Fitness has helped me build my character and become the person I am today.

I decided to start a YouTube Channel to help people who are on the beginning of their journey. I share my stories, experiences, ideas, tips, and advice on health, fitness, and self development. I was once where you are and I know how difficult it is to start but I hope this story and the content you find in my channel will help you change your life like it helped me.

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