It’s Not About Telling Jokes. It’s About Survival.

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Be honest. You can’t bear another minute on zoom. You can’t stand cooking with your mother even though you’re supposed to be “bonding.” You know once and for all that your kids are complete shitbags. You’re sick of hearing about the presidential debates; you dread knowing that you should vote even though statistically you probably never have. Your friends are a nuisance and you don’t want to deal with them.


Don’t Just say all this to yourself. Make sure people know. You don’t need to be contemptuous. You don’t need to make light of things. …

Sometimes ignorance leads to innovation

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There’s something our younger generation is afflicted with and I like to call it perpetual student syndrome. I’ll try to find a better name for it. Another version of this affliction might be called hero-worship. But what I’m talking about isn’t quite hero-worship.

Admittedly I bring it up because I’m guilty of it myself. Not so much that I am constantly reading biographies of people I admire. Biographies are dreadfully boring and tend to amplify some of the uglier aspects of a person’s life because people think that’s juicier. …

It’s The Only Way To Keep Moving Forward

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In acting, there is a phrase called “delaying the event.” It’s a technique where the actor does everything in their power to withhold any release of emotion until the moment in the play when it is absolutely necessary to let go. …


Mohammad Shehata

I know nothing. You know all you need to know. I’m an actor, writer, thinker, and silly person. All about great research and storytelling.

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