Absorbing the right things in life

Recently I got the opportunity to read one of the books of Irfan Hafiz - "Silent Thoughts". Any empathetic human being will shed tears as they read through this book.In this writing Irfan brushes off his extremely unfortunate health condition and appreciates the sacrifices and patience of the people around him. Irfan Hafiz was diagnosed of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and spent the past twenty six years bedridden before bidding farewell to the world this year. He wrote books with just the last bit of strength remaining on one of his fingers. The ability of Irfan to absorb the right things in life is extremely impressive. A lesson to learn.

We are made of the people we hang around with because we absorb characters and attitudes of them. In the digital world our circles are extensive with an average guy interacting with hundreds of individuals in the virtual world absorbing a lot too much information. We have also become prey to the corporates and fake mentors online who feed us 'crap’. We see ‘life qoutes’ which feed one’s ego being shared with pride. Be smart and careful, absorb information that would develop characters of good. Be caring, loving and above all empathetic. Block the posts from that guy who boasts his billionaire life and the one who says YOLO for the wrong reasons! Well you know how to clean up your feed.

Happy developing the beauty in you!

Inspired by Irfan Hafiz. May God give him the best of abodes in the Hereafter