Informational Interview

My name is Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman Khan, yesterday i conducted an informational telephonic interview with one of my friend, he is also my mentor and his name is Babar Bilal Bhatti.

I asked him following questions:

1- How have you been? Tell me about a typical day?

2-What is your professional background?

3- Why did you decide to work for this company?

4- What about the corporate culture?

5- What are your aims in life?

6- Where you want to see yourself in 5 years?

7- How has your job affected your lifestyle?

8- Are you doing this job for passion or to fulfill your needs?

Well, i have learned from the informational interview which i conduct with my friend, if you want to know about any job or any company or any business then you should try to conduct an informational interview with any professional which has experience related to that field. It gives you a a lot of exposure.

In the future if i will want to know about any business or job etc then i will add the mentors of that field in my Linkedin account and try to conduct telephonic interviews with the people of that field.

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