How the Internet Is Changing Our Lives

Such a fun time they are having, right? Hanging out at the beach, playing in the water, and just spending quality time with each other! But there’s something wrong with this picture.

If you look closely, one, two, three, four people are using their phones and taking pictures. It may seem fine, but its not!

The internet is corrupting our society

Most of the time, when we are on our phones

We post pictures on instagram, trying to get more followers

or snapchatting the little things we find cool

or on facebook, writing everything that had happened or is happening on our lives

or taking ridiculous selfies

as a result people are struggling with various types of work

people are becoming lazy

people are risking their lives just to be funny on the internet

why cant we go back to being active offline

and go back to enjoying nature

because life is short

and the internet will only make it shorter