Spooky mania : “The World of DPR”

dive into the world of DPR’s music with some spooky visuals..

Left DPR IAN ‘’So Beautiful’’ and Right DPR LIVE ‘’Kiss + Neon’’ Via DPR Youtube

DPR also known as (DREAM PROJECT REGIME) is a Visual/Music collective consisting of 4 main masterminds. These are hidden gems of Asia’s underrated K-R&B musicians hailing from Seoul.

The members are Christian Yu (DPR IAN) , Hong Da-Bin (DPR LIVE) , Paul (DPR CREAM) and DPR REM (Scott Kim). Their music videos has these intrusive , soothing and dark melodies showcasing R&B music with a little twist. The visuals on the other hand is like watch a spooky short film at night especially since it’s Halloween.

Each individual in the team is responsible for the creative design of the music video, DPR is also Media Production company having directed and shot several music videos for well-known artists such as Body by Mino, Borders by Amber Liu and Wake Me Up by Taeyang.



Christian Yu ( Yu Ba Rom) is the Founder/CEO of the company Born in Sydney , Australia moved to Korea at 18 years old. He was under the Boy band C-CLOWN which disbanded in 2015.

IAN then started DPR as visual artist/ Director mostly being behind the camera. Until October 2020 when he released his Single “So Beautiful” which showed IAN’s other persona MITO that’s created from the dark. IAN suffers from Bipolar disorder , through where this character was created. He then went on releasing a Full EP Titled ‘’MITO’’ which showed us the dark character of IAN’s persona yet that is Beautiful.

Here’s one of His Songs:

DPR IAN ‘’Scaredy Cat’’ Via DPR Youtube


DPR LIVE Via Instagram

Known as Hong Da Bin is a K-Hip-Hop / R&B / Synth artist that debut with his song “Till I Die” in August 2015 being the main artist for the Company in 2017 he released his EP “Coming to You Live’’ along with “Her’’ LIVE has been classified as one of the most creative rappers in Korea with Jazzy melodies and groovy moves. In the recent years has quickly gained popularity in Korea and Abroad.

LIVE recently released his latest EP titled “IITE COOL’’ which shows us a Retro Funky type of music with tracks like “Yellow Cab” , “Venus” , “Hula Hoops” , “Boom” and Summer Tights.

Here are some of Songs:


DPR Has Also done a Collaboration with Adidas for their Sync Pack which went out of stock in a few hours

Let’s see what’s in store for the future for DPR and how the collective grows with some new every year surprising us with some thriller stuff. So if you like spooky stuff , don’t forget to watch their music videos.

Happy Halloween!

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