Confrontations of An Approaching Oblivion — poem

Originally written for my Grandmother, Rifqa. Dedicated to my aunt, Nadia, who’s just passed away.

it’s hard 
watching the identity
of your loved ones
fade before their body 

it’s hard 
witnessing the memories 
beneath their wrinkles 
so a void is left 
to ponder about.

it’s hard
staring at their anticipation and nagging
that is tired though tiring, 
but yet the impossible rescue
is still an option
to you.

it’s hard 
seeing them forget 
your name 
and what the sound of it 
did to their hearts.

it’s hard 
noticing decay around 
every moment
of every room 
as you display 
a celebration of reminders 
audaciously and eagerly
but yet rejected 
by those in oblivion.

it’s hard 
knowing that the loss 
of the welcomeness
that you once felt 
is justified 
just like the absoluteness
of the blue in the sky.

it’s very hard 
realizing that it is 
about time.

April, 2016 

Originally Published in Fallujah Magazine