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Expert Pearson Test of English Academic B2 Standalone Course 
 This textbook covers the introductory perspective of political sociology, its relations with other fields in social sciences and the scope and distinctiveness of this sub-discipline. A comprehensive interweaving has been done between the aspects of social stratification, power and authority, political development, political communication and modernization to help students get familiar with the concept of the subject which is inclined both towards sociology and political science. It analyses the inter-linkages and tries to look at how major social trends can affect the political process, as well as explores how various social forces work together to change political policies.!rFTuuuN

Official Guide to the Pearson Test of English Academic (English, Paperback, Pearson)

The Official Guide to PTE Academic: The Pearson Test of English Academic 2nd Edition is a comprehensive text for those who want to improve their vocabulary and English language skills. It is essential for those appearing for the Pearson Test of English, and helps with understanding the features, format and scoring, practice with authentic test questions, learning from simple responses and explanation, and improving on test-taking strategies.